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The Automotive Dealership Institute (ADI) offers innovative automotive management training programs, both in-class and online courses. ADI is the only licensed, independent Finance & Insurance Manager (F&I) School in the U.S.A offering nationwide job placement assistance in all 50 states.

Automotive Dealership Institute‘s F&I graduates enjoy an exceptional (over 93 percent) nationwide job placement rate. Our cutting-edge F&I Management Training Program has been dedicated to educating the next generation of Finance & Insurance Managers for over 30 years.

Our Automotive Finance Management program is designed to teach the skills necessary to

to become a successful Automotive Finance and Insurance Manager, Desk Manager, Sales Manager, or a Dealer Representative.

Every desk in our classroom is set up as a fully functional F&I office, complete with all F&I software, finance, lease and DMV forms, printers, vehicle inventory database, consumer credit reports, and lender guidelines for structuring deals.


Our students graduate with a prestigious diploma,  and certification, earning them instant credibility and respect among their peers and prospective employers.

Finance options are available, contact us for further detail!

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