Brandon D. – Jacksonville, NC.

ADI is a great school to come and load your tool belt with everything you need to succeed. The instructor was informative. I know I have the confidence and knowledge to perform and work F&I at any dealership! Thank you ADI!

Brandon is the F&I Manager of a Nissan dealership in Jacksonville, NC.

Michael B. – New Jersey

Michael B.

I couldn’t have asked for a better class or staff. Having classmates that are just as engaged as you are really makes for a better learning environment. Having instructors with such in depth knowledge about the field and all of the firsthand experience also translates very well in the classroom. I would recommend this course to anyone that is even considering this field as a career and for those already in the field this school will take your career to the next level. It is life changing experience that will open more doors for your future than you ever expected.

Michael is working at Total Automotive Solutions and serving dealerships in the New Jersey area.

Ivan T.

The instructor was GREAT!! Very professional, very patient, super knowledgeable. Everyone in ADI is so nice. We felt right at home, they really care about you as a person.

If you want to learn the right way on how to be a Finance Manager, go to ADI!

Thank you everybody!

F&I Manager – Honda dealership in Long Island, NY

Jessica K.

The course was above my expectations. I am very happy in my decision to make the investment in myself. I felt it was a good pace and very informative. It gave me the tools I need to succeed.

Tons of knowledge and great foundation course. Definitely a good investment; it creates an expectation of return on investment that will help me succeed.

F&I Manager – Kia dealership in Round Rock, TX

Jacob K.

While the course was extensive, it far exceeded my expectations! The instructor was fantastic, I feel that this was the best improvement I’ve made in myself. It was very informative in all aspects of the car business. Extremely extensive but very worth it. This is not your everyday Product School. Everything about the car business is covered in detail.

I was very pleased not only in the education but how I was treated by everyone at the school. Everyone was absolutely wonderful and was essential in preparing me for a successful interview process.

I want to thank everyone at the school for a great experience. I am going to miss ADI!

F&I Manager/Sales Manager – Kia dealership in Greenville, SC

Segi V.

Excellent course, nice facility great atmosphere. Awesome staff..

Thank you!

F&I Manager – Mazda dealership in Puyallup, WA

Melissa D.

I loved this experience! It was very eye-opening as a newcomer to this industry. I feel that what we learned is not only relevant (especially with the articles to back up why the things we were going over meant that it’s the right way), but current as well. It’s a 4-week course that goes over all details on how car financing works.

I wholly appreciate this opportunity and feel that ADI is going to be with me every step of the way.

F&I Manager – Hertz Car Sales in Costa Mesa, CA

Jake K.

10/10 – incredible instructor. My least favorite time was being in the hotel and not in class.

Extremely informative, makes you confident in your abilities.

F&I Manager – Honda dealership in Knoxville, TN

Oslyn C.

I am elated I came to ADI. It was the best investment I’ve ever made. There is no other school like ADI. Other courses teach you how to sell products, ADI teaches you everything you need to know about running the finance department at a dealership.

Staff were all great. The professor is very detailed and easy to understand. The money was definitely worth it.

Thank you ADI for everything!

Finance Director – Acura dealership in Libertyville, IL

Srecko B.

The staff was amazing above and beyond into staying and helping individually. Our instructor was amazing! Very intelligent human.

The whole course was great, you learn a lot more than you expect; worth every penny.

I would highly recommend ADI.

F&I Manager – Hertz Car Sales in Tampa, FL

Mike N.

The course was everything I expected and more. The entire staff; human resources, academics, and administration are a “Class” Act. Professionalism would be an understatement! Would recommend anyone with any amount of ambition in their automotive careers to stop considering it, take action, call the Automotive Dealership Institute here in Scottsdale, AZ and don’t look back! It will be the best decision you could make regarding your career and I am going to recommend it to everyone!

Students are absolutely and unequivocally prepared for the industry. The sacrifices will result in success!

Thank you ADI for everything!

F&I Manager – RV dealership in Las Cruces, TX

Nav B.

It’s the mothership of F&I! At the end of the course, I have seen students become more equipped and more knowledgeable than the majority of F&I managers I have worked with in the past three years.

The content covered is vast and covering it in just four weeks is extensive and exhausting but this is how ADI is setting high bench mark in the industry!

I am very happy working at Acura dealership in Laurel, MD and putting my training and knowledge from ADI to use as an F&I Manager.

Shane W.

What a fantastic course! ADI met and exceeded all of my expectations, while doing it in a fun, simple and exciting way. Thank you ADI for giving me the tools necessary to advance my career.

Well worth the time and money!

F&I Manager – Mazda dealership in Sacramento, CA

Suhail K. – Elk Grove, CA

The course was an eye opener into the automotive finance world. I learned so much in four weeks and acquired so much knowledge. Thank you ADI for everything I learned while attending your F&I program, these are valuable skills that will stay with me for a lifetime. This truly takes you to the next level in the auto industry.

Suhail is an F&I Manager at a Honda dealership in Elk Grove, CA and he is very successful.

Chris A.

I was not expecting the course to consist of everything that it does. Could not have asked for anything better.

Very knowledgeable. You will not be disappointed with the value of the course. It is well worth the cost!

Thank you ADI!

F&I Manager – Hyundai/Kia dealership in Smyrna, GA

Cortland V.

Amazing course, extremely well educated and professional staff, very determined to help every individual student reach their goals and gain employment. I am so happy I attended this course, I know I will have an amazing career in finance. They gave me all the tools I need to do this job and excel.

Worth every penny! You will leave here confident in your ability to be the best F&I Manager in the field.

Thank you!!

F&I Manager – Mazda dealership in Tacoma, WA

Chase H.

This is a very informative well thought out curriculum. With no prior dealership experience, this course has provided me with a very strong foundation to have a career in the automotive finance industry. After completing this challenging course I have the knowledge and confidence to join the automotive finance world; thank you ADI.

Nothing shy of amazing!

Finance Director – RV dealership in Idaho Falls, ID

Jose O. – Clearwater, FL.

I had an outstanding experience at ADI, I feel that after this course I am well prepared for my career as an F&I Manager. Thanks to the amazing instructor who taught me so many aspects of Finance. I would rate this institute a twelve out of ten and I am ready to bring the knowledge I attained at ADI into the workforce.

Jose is working as an F&I Manager at a Lexus store in Clearwater, FL. He was named the youngest F&I Manager to be in the top 15 in his region!!!

Laura W.

The course is the most professional, thorough, and intense training I have experienced since starting my career in finance 20 years ago. I was highly impressed with all of the staff at ADI. I am truly thankful to have had the opportunity to attend the course. I look forward to utilizing all the skills; desking, deal structuring, menu selling and software in my career as an F&I Manager. I would highly recommend for anyone interested in becoming an F&I Manager.

Professional, educational, thorough. A must for anyone entering F&I or needing to improve their skills.

Finance Director – Ford/Lincoln dealership in Green Bay, WI

Michael L.

Very impressed with the facility and the instruction. Every staff member plays a key component within this school. I felt this investment was well worth it and I look forward to applying my skills at my next home/dealership.

The program is very informative, well- paced, and you have your instructor’s attention.

F&I Manager – Independent dealership in Lombard, IL

Ross S.

ADI’s F&I Program’s instructor is extremely dynamic, intelligent, and experienced. Her knowledge of the automotive industry is extremely comprehensive and integral to our learning experience.
It is a very comprehensive program.

Thank you for the knowledge!

F&I Manager/Partner – Independent dealership in Omaha, NE

Shablee S.

This course was very fast paced and extensive. The instructor was very good at making sure everyone was on the same page and the class was relatable with real life examples.

We got overviews of various financing software and they served to be very beneficial. The course sets you up to excel in the F&I Role. You gain the proper knowledge in just 4 weeks that will lead the path for a lifetime career.

Thank you ADI!

F&I Manager – Lincoln dealership in Mesa, AZ

Johnny W.

This course was such a blessing. I don’t see how it would be possible to cover all that information or receive individualized attention from the instructor in a work place environment.

Taking this risk, making this investment has already paid off.

Thank you ADI.

F&I Manager – Toyota dealership in Corvallis – OR

Ron C.

I was actually very surprised and pleased with the amount of information that we received the minute we started. I was so happy that our instructor was actually a former Finance Manager and had actually walked the walk. She really does have the knowledge that I was looking for. This was an in-depth course on everything you need to get started and excel in automotive finance.

I am truly grateful for everything I will take from this experience.

Sales Manager – Powersports dealership in Highland, IN

John C.

I really enjoyed the course. I had a lot of preconceptions about financing that were confirmed, but also learned a ton. I appreciated each and every staff member as they all had a genuine care about the success of each student.

This program is beneficial in laying the foundation for anyone looking to have a firmly built successful career.

Thank you!

F&I Manager – Independent dealership in Portland, OR

Chris W.

What I liked most about the course was the fact that I felt free to learn. I never felt as if I was less than for not knowing the course work as it was presented to me. The instructor was patient and professional. I appreciate the school. I do believe my time in Scottsdale was life changing.

I would tell everybody that the course was detailed, organized, and professional. Also, they will be ready to be a finance manager after the course.

F&I Manager – Nissan dealership in Atlanta, GA

Steven J.

I absolutely loved the class and the instructor was great! This class gets you ready for so much more than just finance it makes you think on such a larger scale and see things as an owner of a store. At least that’s what I took from it. Excellent class and well taught, you will learn a lot.

Thank you for everything.

Sales Manager – Toyota dealership in Corvallis – OR

Andres M.

Greatest decision I’ve made! This course will teach you to fish not feed you once. The instructor is patient, authentic and passionate about the students. In detail you will be prepared for a lifetime of F&I knowledge.

Best decision you can ever make. I bounced around for three years and finally came. My only regret was not coming sooner.

Thank you!

F&I Manager – Dodge dealership in Littleton, CO

Jason T.

It took me a while to make a final decision on taking the course in a classroom setting. I was initially thinking about an online program, but thought I would gain more out of an actual classroom. After serious thought, especially financially, I decided to make the investment.

No regrets! I wished I made the decision a lot sooner. The course teaches you top to bottom dealership operations from meet and greet, desking deals, lender approvals, selling F&I products, objection handling, and closing deals. In addition to the 6 years I have in the auto lending industry, I can definitely transfer the skills learned at ADI to the dealership retail side of business.

I would highly recommend this course to anyone looking to get into the Automotive Industry!

Sales Manager/F&I Manager – Independent dealership in Corpus Christi, TX

Grant L.

This course was very well thought out and thoroughly critiqued until it was distilled into the most valuable 160 hours anyone who is looking to sharpen or get into Automotive Finance Management.

Thank you ADI, well worth the sacrifice!

F&I Manager – Avis Car Sales in Atlanta, GA

Amir A.

Words can’t describe how grateful I am for this experience. I will miss each and every one of your smiles, and never forget where my career started. Thank you all so much…

This a is a must! Thank you ADI!

F&I Manager – Honda dealership in Bellevue, WA

Charles R.

The class size was perfect, a good pace/flow, a more personal feeling of a smaller group, and felt you were getting the individual attention on the daily.

All-in-all there is so much you can try and pack into one month’s time to prepare an individual for a new career. This course definitely accomplished preparing me for the next stage of my career. This was done at a reasonable pace and a good learning curve.

Well worth the investment!

F&I Manager – Ford dealership in New Bedford, MA

Damon S.

I learned a lot during my time here. I really enjoyed the desking, deal structuring and computer work. It makes you feel like you’re working the job. Instructor was great, easy to listen to and very knowledgeable!!

This program is a MUST do if you have little or no experience.

F&I Manager – Mazda dealership in Mesa, AZ

Zia H.

I have been procrastinating whether to go back to school for F&I management, I am glad I did! This class has opened up so many opportunities for me and I am looking forward to a great career!

Thanks to the professors I feel prepared and won’t forget all that I have learned from attending ADI!

I now work for Sonic Automotive here in Florida in Finance/Sales. I highly recommend this class. It’s a good investment for a great future.

Joseph L.

The course has been very thorough. I feel that information is up to date and ready to be used wherever we may be hired.

A wealth of information that is instantly transferable to a “real world” job.

Thank you!

Sales Manager – Independent dealership in Charleston, SC

Daniel C. – Staten Island, NY.

The course was very well organized and informative. The instructor was great and so knowledgeable in Finance and compliance. ADI really prepared me to be an efficient and compliant Finance and Insurance Manager. It is packed with information, it will truly prepare you to be the best F&I Manager you can be. I would recommend this school to anyone looking to take a leap in their career.

Daniel started as an F&I Manager at a busy Nissan dealership in Staten Island, NY. He is doing great with a very high PVR.

Tarah B.

The F&I course was excellent and has opened my job opportunities to a whole new level! I am glad to have been able to have this experience at ADI!

I had several opportunities come my way after class, and I eventually chose an Aftermarket Delivery Manager position at a Chevy Dealership in Pearland Texas. Thanks ADI!

Sonya R.

Thought it was great. So much more in-depth than I could have hoped for! I feel I am now not only prepared, but qualified to be an F&I Manager.

Worth every penny and every one of the 160 hours. For me, it was truly life-changing!

Thank You All!!!

F&I Manager – Kia dealership in Medford, OR

Damon C.

This is a very informative course that will provide a strong foundation for any individual to build a successful automotive finance career.

The course is challenging! But what you can gain from this course could very well change your life financially. After completion of this course you will be prepared to enter the automotive finance world with confidence.

I am glad that I took advantage of this opportunity as I am now a Desk Manager at an independent dealership in Hammond Louisiana.

Thank you ADI!
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