Job Placement Assistance

Employers nationwide know that our graduates are ready to join their team with the training and skills it takes to succeed. Because of our reputation for excellence, we have solid relationships with dealerships nationwide. Often, dealership representatives and managers appear as guest speakers in our classes and even hold job interviews on site.

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Ray LaStrape - Vice President Student Services

Ray LaStrape, Vice President Student Services

When you train at ADI, you receive more than a quality automotive education. Each current and former student is given professional job placement assistance. Whether you are brand new to the automotive industry or an experienced professional taking our classes as a refresher, we will help with every facet of your employment search. Our full-time job placement advisors will:

  • Prepare a professional resume
  • Conduct mock interviews and coaching
  • Provide ongoing job placement assistance

It does not matter if you graduated last week or 5 years ago. ADI will always be available to help you sharpen your interview skills, and to assist you in preparing a resume that stands out from the crowd. Our mission is to ensure that you have the greatest chance possible of getting the automotive career you desire.

New Job Leads Every Week

Every Monday, new job leads are posted for the exclusive use of our current and former students. ADI generates job leads for students in all 50 states.

Automotive Dealership Institute provides full time job placement assistance to all of its classroom F&I management program graduates. This assistance includes professional resume preparation and career advising.

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