Our comprehensive Automotive Finance Management, Automotive Service Advisor and Automotive Business Office courses can pave the way for unique job opportunities that are both well paid and self satisfying. We welcome your interest, and invite you to prepare for an exhilarating, high-paying automotive career by enrolling in the Automotive Dealership Institute.

Individuals are advised to enroll for class at least two weeks prior to the scheduled start date. They must call for a tour of the car college, and an enrollment consultation. Basic typing and math skills, along with a good command of the English language including reading, writing and speaking is also essential. Strong communication and telephone skills are prerequisites for ADI trained positions. Upon acceptance, students will receive a school catalog and all enrollment forms. Call (877) 998-7200 to schedule an appointment.

How to Choose a School

Choosing the proper school is crucial. Do your homework and be diligent about it. We have provided you with a list of questions to help you make the right choice.

The Automotive Dealership Institute receives numerous applicants from around the country and is only able to accept those students that meet the institute’s requirements. Such high standards are imperative to maintain placement statistics. If ADI feels that an applicant is not able to perform the required job functions it reserves the right to deny admission.

F&I management, service advising and business office students must be at least 18 years of age and possess either a high school diploma or a G.E.D. It does not matter whether students have completed their education in the United States or abroad. Out-of-state students can initiate the enrollment process through e-mail, phone or fax.

The Automotive Dealership Institute welcomes all students interested in an automotive career, regardless of race, sex, ethnicity or other factors. ADI courses are available to students participating in vocational rehabilitation or government-sponsored back-to-work programs.

Eligible students can apply for student loans or finance options. Loan applications can be requested during the admissions process. If students are unable to qualify for a student loan on their own, they are encouraged to resubmit with co-signers who have more established credit histories.

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