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F&I Finance Manager Training with Post 9/11 GI-Bill® for Veterans

Upon completing time in the military, many individuals choose to pursue another career path rather than simply remaining retired. They make this decision for a vast number of reasons.

Regardless of why individuals choose to pursue a career path upon their discharge from the military, one thing remains true; many of these individuals must complete some form of training or college degree in order to prepare themselves for this career change.

The good news is the GI Bill was created to help these individuals pay for their education in appreciation for their service in the military.

For the most part, military service members can use funding from this bill to pay for several career training paths, so they can enjoy a lucrative career for their foreseeable future.

One such industry that needs more workers is the automotive industry, particularly in the areas of finance and insurance.

With the help of the Post 9/11 GI Bill, individuals can pay for the training they need at a qualified school of their choosing, such as the Automotive Dealership Institute.



Who Qualifies for the GI Bill?

First and foremost, it’s important to determine whether you are eligible for payments under the Post 9/11 GI Bill. This bill was put in place to pay for career training and education for military personnel and qualifying dependents.

Any service member who served in active duty for at least 90 days after September 10, 2001, can qualify for payments under the Post 9/11 GI Bill.

The specific amounts for which you qualify depends on the total number of active service days you have served. For instance, an individual who served for a total of 12 months is eligible for 60 percent of their costs paid, while someone who has spent 36 months can receive 100 percent.

An exception to this is for those who served at least 30 days and received a medical honorable discharge for a service-related injury.

These individuals are also eligible for 100 percent of their costs in thanks for their sacrifice.


What expenses does the GI Bill cover?

Once you determine whether you qualify for payments under the GI Bill, you need to learn what it can be used for so you can plan accordingly.

For many individuals, the GI Bill can cover up to 100 percent of the tuition, as well as any associated fees. It can also include a housing allowance to help pay for the cost of living while in school to prevent individuals from having to juggle family, work and school at the same time.

If you are attending school away from home because of a lack of availability close by, the GI Bill can even provide a one-time relocation allowance to assist with moving costs.

In addition, the bill can also pay up to $1000 per year for the cost of books and other necessary supplies. For service members who don’t wish to use the benefits for themselves, these payments can be transferred to a qualifying family member to help them with the costs of their own education.

This has helped many service members provide a college education for their dependent children or even spouses who had previously been unable to complete a degree.

While most individuals choose public institutions or more affordable private schools, the Yellow Ribbon Program can allow individuals to attend more expensive private schools at little to no cost if the school has entered into an agreement with the military to waive some of their costs and fees.

GI Bill used for degrees and vocational training

GI Bill money can be used for a variety of training and degree programs to assist individuals in preparing for a career beyond the military.

Any associates, bachelor’s or higher education degree can be paid for under the GI Bill, allowing individuals to pursue the career of their dreams in the future.

However, this isn’t the only type of training that can be paid for with this bill. In fact, individuals can opt for technical schools, vocational training, on-the-job training or apprenticeships, licensing and certifications, work studies, correspondence training, tuition assistance and even tutorial costs.

This leaves many opportunities for individuals to pursue the career path they’ve always wanted, even if they previously couldn’t for several reasons, including being unable to afford the costs of getting an education.

This is why the government implemented the GI Bill. They recognized the military couldn’t always prepare individuals for their lives after the military and wanted to provide a benefit to thank these individuals for their service and the sacrifices they made, all while giving them the chance to do what they always wanted.

Why the Automotive Industry?

With all the options available, one may wonder why the automotive industry is a good choice for veterans who are looking to make a career change after the military.

The automotive industry has experienced rapid growth and continues to grow, making it a lucrative option both now and in the future. It is projected that American dealerships will sell approximately 17 million cars in 2019.

With more than 17,000 dealerships open in the United States, there are plenty of career opportunities available to individuals of all skill levels, especially those who have the training to do the job well.

These dealerships need trained and experienced individuals who can help obtain financing for their customers, so they can drive off the lot with the car they’ve always wanted, as well as ensure they have the necessary insurance to provide coverage in the event they get into an accident.

At Auto Dealer Institute, veterans can use their GI Bill coverage to pay for their education, so they can get the certifications they need to provide the best possible service to a dealership’s customers.

Why Choose ADI?

Once you make the choice to pursue a career in the automotive industry, whether it’s in the area of finance & insurance or something else entirely, your next step is finding a school that not only provides the training and education you require, but also makes it as easy as possible to get started and complete your courses.

Automotive Dealership Institute is the only licensed and government approved F&I School in the United States therefore it stands alone as the one and only F&I School approved by the Veterans Administration to accept Post 9/11 GI Bill, and offers job placement assistance nationwide.

ADI understands the unique needs of individuals who were previously in the military.

They work with the GI Bill for many of their students and can even help complete the paperwork and necessary forms to ensure GI Bill approvals are completed in a timely manner, allowing students to get started on their education as soon as possible.

Once approved, individuals can quickly get started on their training.

Courses through ADI take place over four weeks, requiring just 160 classroom hours that take place Monday through Friday, allowing veterans to enjoy life outside of school, particularly with their families, while getting the education they’re looking for, unlike many other schools that may require weekends or evening hours to complete in such a quick manner.

Upon successful completion of the program, individuals can take advantage of the job placement assistance provided by the school.

Their professionals can successfully locate jobs for their graduates, with a placement rate over 90 percent within the first 90 days.

Jobs are available in all 50 states, and ADI helps individuals locate and apply for jobs in all of them.

When veterans apply for jobs, they stand a good chance of being hired due to their discipline, combined with the quality training they have received, both in and out of the military.

Graduates enjoy an average income of around $143,000 per year after graduating from the ADI program.

For those interested in applying for the ADI program with payment assistance from the GI Bill, visit the US Veterans page to learn more and to apply.



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