Virtual Class Testimonials

Justin Krutsinger

This course was amazing! The instructor is extremely knowledgeable and this class gives you all the tools needed to understand and prepare to perform F&I duties. I feel very comfortable going into the business and know that I can contact ADI for additional assistance if needed. I am very happy with my decision to step up and take the course.

Stephen Wayne

I felt like the course gave me the missing pieces I needed to advance my career in the automotive industry. I liked working deals from start to finish both desking, structuring deals and learning how to maximize profits. Well worth the investment.

Avi Shaer

An amazing experience! I was highly impressed with the education I received from ADI. The instructor was absolutely great and extremely knowledgeable. This class really prepares you to start a career as an F&I Manager. The course is very organized, complete and fast paced. I would highly recommend this program to anyone who is looking to get into an F&I position. Thank you ADI!

Ben Young

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with Automotive Dealership Institute. Everyone has been extremely professional and courteous. The course is very comprehensive and I learned more than I thought there was to know about the car business! My only regret is not being able to attend in person which is no fault of the school, but rather the circumstances and epidemic that’s changed the way we interact with each other. ADI has done a great job of integrating technology and new software to create a learning environment that I feel anyone could be successful in if they apply themselves.

Jerrod Smith

This program is great for those looking for their way into F&I regardless of background. The class is well thought out and very organized. I feel prepared to go out and start my new career. Great group of people dedicated to our success.

Alex Hamid

This course has exceeded my expectations as it is designed perfectly. I am in shock how much I learned from day one to week to the final day. I went from limited knowledge to feeling like I have been in the car business forever. I will miss everyone from the staff and my fellow students and the experiences we shared. My confidence level is through the roof and definitely worth the investment. I will recommend this course to everyone who is interested in automotive finance. Thank you so much!

Todd Johnson

I loved the course and the instructor kept me engaged in learning throughout the course. I enjoyed having guest speakers during our virtual sessions and was able to ask questions about their experiences after graduation. The things I enjoyed the most was working with real F&I software and learning how to structure prime and subprime deals. The whole process was fun and engaging. Great class!

Oliver Wheeler

When I first heard that the class was going to be held virtually I was a little concerned about the effectiveness and how much I was going to get out of it. Boy was I wrong! I couldn't speak more highly of the dedicated team at ADI! My only regret is that I hadn't committed to this course years ago! It was worth every penny, seriously!

Geoff Pate

I am extremely satisfied with the education that I have received from ADI. Everything from the teaching and administrative stuff to the materials and content of the course, exceeded my expectations. I was a bit worried about attending the class on Zoom, but those concerns were quickly replaced with confidence in the course. Overall I highly recommend this program to anyone who is looking to further expand their understanding of auto finance.

Zahid Rajan

Finance & Insurance Management course is an intense four (4) week, nine (9) hour a day Monday to Friday. This covers all the processes and procedures of the Automotive Finance department. The curriculum includes Prime and Sub Prime lending, credit analysis, leasing, desking. It also teaches how to structure deals, budget payments for customers, also explains about the Regulation M, Regulation Z and Regulation B. The management is very friendly, helpful and very knowledgeable. The environment is very clean and attractive. I would recommend everyone. It is worth every penny spent you spend.

Nicole Bradley

Where should I begin? .... I started looking to further my education in the car business a few years ago. I wasn't sure where to even look but I knew that I wanted to be in Finance. ADI was suggested to me by a coworker who had previously taken the class, he was adamant to choose ADI to help me achieve my goals. I sought information mid year of 2019 and Cheryl was very informative and helpful. I was hesitant because of the cost and that made me rethink things. March 2020 after dragging my feet for a while I decided to take a look on their website and to my surprise they were offering a virtual class! I immediately decided to take the opportunity, and the rest is history! I am a part of the first virtual class offered at ADI in April 2020. Cheryl, LaTara, Arzu, and the whole ADI team are amazing. I had a wonderful time learning in such an inviting environment. I am now fully equipped to take on all aspects of Automotive Finance. Thank you again ADI!

Alan Stephens

Outstanding. Cheryl is on of the best presenters and content instructors I’ve seen. The course and supporting material along with the functional hands-on exercises truly supports the material being covered and presented by Cheryl. She is extremely knowledgeable and has a firm handle on the automotive industry and its constantly changing environment. Being the first virtual guided course presented by ADI displays the commitment that ADI and its wonderful staff has to the betterment of the automotive industry, especially the F&I component of the vehicle purchasing process. I believe the well organized curriculum along with the supporting exercises delivered in the logical order of progression honestly brings the understand, processing, and application of the F&I Manager’s responsibilities to him/herself, the organization and the Finance Department.
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