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Auto F&I School Testimonials

Chris Whitted

Wonderful team, always available and high levels of communication. A definite recommend as it give you a wide scope of knowledge to be a successful F&I Manager!
Arizona F&I Finance Manager Training School

Michael W.

I enjoyed the course very much. I came here with no car experience and leaving feeling like I’ve been doing it for years. The course is intense, but the instructor makes it a breeze.

Very intense. We made it through a book with over 500 pages in a 4 week period. Be ready to be challenged.

Thanks ADI staff. They all believe in their product, as they should, and have nothing but positivity floating throughout the building.

F&I Manager – Ford dealership in Alexandria, LA
California F&I Finance Manager Training School

Matthew D.

“I feel that ADI’s Finance Management Course is amazing and offers a wealth of knowledge. After receiving an honorable discharge from US Army, I used my Post 9/11 VA Benefits to attended ADI’s Automotive Finance management Class. It was one the best decisions I have made in my life. I wouldn’t have been able to secure a fun and high paying job as an F&I Manager at a new car dealership if I didn’t attend ADI. Graduating from ADI has changed my life and my lifestyle.ADI gives you a financial masterpiece that will serve a base to rise from for the rest of your automotive career.

I was highly impressed and certainly recommend ADI to anyone with the drive to succeed in exciting automotive industry. I was actually hired a few days before graduating from ADI, by a small new car dealership group as an F&I manager in Phoenix, AZ. After working there for a little over one year, I relocated back to SC and now working at a large Infinity dealership as an F&I manager. I am still making an executive income and can’t be happier with my life.

Thank you ADI!“
Veterans F&I Finance Manager Training School

Wayne B.

I am the President/ CEO of an independent dealership in Temecula California. Had I known the course was this great, I would have attended long ago.

The facility and staff are nothing short of amazing. From the moment we entered the front door and were greeted, I knew that attention to detail was key. I look forward to visiting and sharing my progress with the staff at ADI!

President/ CEO – Independent dealership in Temecula, CA
F&I Training affordable

Ronald Brock

The course was well organized and structured. The instructors presented the materials in a very clean and understandable manner, challenging at times. The instructors provided timely and useful feedback for progressive growth and development; and offered a wealth of knowledge from their personal experiences which added to the educational effectiveness of the class. The well written textbook, binder and folders utilized made it easy to follow along while engaging in various exercises and work activities. Overall, I was very satisfied and would recommend his class to a co-worker or peer.
Ohio F&I Finance Manager Training School

Corey Donato

This was a challenging class but it was great and informative. The instructor was great all around. I truly believe with my experience and newly gained skills at ADI, I will become an asset to any dealership.

This is a course that you should take if you want to be a successful F&I Manager!

F&I Manager – RV Superstore in Buffalo, NY
Best F&I Finance Manager Training

Deshun Clifton-Young

I came into ADI not knowing what to expect. ADI has more than exceed my expectations in every aspect. Be ready to be challenged. A month may seem like a long time but there is so much information provided that the time went by quickly. I graduated with the confidence to maximize profits in any dealership finance department with a CSI smile.

Dillon H.

Everyone at ADI was awesome!

I really learned way more than I expected, Cheryl’s knowledge is bar to none! I couldn’t dream of a place better than ADI to learn this business!

It was truly the best, nothing else like it! Thank you ADI!

F&I Manager – Ford dealership in Okarche, OK
F&I Training ideal busy and hectic careers

TJ Yalda

This course was great just like the staff; very helpful and informative. Phenomenal F&I training, they breakdown the curriculum and simplify in a way that is easily understandable. They are great examples and role models for what I will be striving towards in my future career as an F&I Manager. I can’t stress enough how important the career workshop and coaching for interviews is for me. I am grateful for everyone involved in helping to create ADI and making it what it is today.
New York F&I Finance Manager Training School

Losson B.

Thanks to all of the ADI family for a wonderful experience. I have gained knowledge and skills, going home to begin a rewarding and challenging career. From enrollment, using my Post 911/VA Benefits, all the way through graduation, the ADI has been a wonderful experience.

I have been working at a Ford dealership in Charlotte, NC as an F&I Manager and averaging around 1150 PVR.

Thank you ADI!

Losson B.
Veterans 911 Fund School Training

Eric R.

I wish I had taken this course years ago, the knowledge and the hands on experience makes me feel that I’ve learned years of knowledge in just 4 weeks.

This is a must course for anyone who wants to get into the automotive industry, and everyone in the industry.

F&I Manager – Hyundai dealership in Culver City, CA
Oregon F&I Finance Manager Training School

Bryan M.

During the term of this course I have really learned a lot. It was very well laid out and our instructor is very knowledgeable. Intense; a lot of studying in order to understand the process you need to see the big picture.

I appreciate the fact that this institution is available for people to take advantage of to progress in their careers.

Thank you!

Straight Sales – Ford dealership in Olympia, WA
Automotive Job Training School

Anthony W.

“Life Changing”
“It took me 2 years to get to this school and it was well worth the wait. I had several obstacles that I had to overcome before attending this class but I remained focused and persistent. Today is my last day and I already have employers e-mailing me regarding an interview. Furthermore, my current employer wants to sit down with me and discuss options.

ADI is a “must” for anyone seeking to advance within the Automotive Industry. What I’ve learned here is priceless!!!

I am now working at a Nissan dealership as an F&I Manager in GA.

Thank you ADI!!!“
F&I Training Training Built For Dealerships and F&I Managers

Joseph Leniart

This class is a true Masterclass in F&I. I believe that the education given in this curriculum rivals any that I have received in my prior master’s program. I believe this course has set me up not only for management but the ability to do the job at a dealership. I feel I have the confidence to hold my own with experienced F&I Managers. Every tenured member of a salesforce should have this class.
Finance Manager Training School Testimonial

Rod Holt

This was a great experience to learn a new career, from the staff to the instructor. I wouldn’t change a thing; recommend to all. You will learn how to maximize backend products and take your career to another level.
Auto Finance Manager Training Course Testimonials

Darrell Williams

This was amazing! The month-long course is packed with information to provide the tools needed to be a success as an F&I Manager. The team at ADI is there for you after graduation to assist with questions and help with the job placement process.
career opportunities whether at auto dealership

Bifeng Chen

I have learned so much from this course in a short period of time. This F&I Program from Automotive Dealership Institute is one of the best courses I have ever taken. I think that for anyone who wants to be a successful F&I Manager, this is a must to master the craft. I love how the course is structured, organized and planned out so that each day is so on point with the materials. The staff and my classmates were amazing. Thank you all for your knowledge and wisdom.

David N.

I was fortunate to be part of the January-February 2020 class (Finance Management) and was very impressed by the quality of the instruction and the vast number of topics covered in the four week course. The faculty and staff are second to none; they are responsive, engaged, and professional. Additionally, I appreciated how they limit the class size as this greatly enhances the learning process and allows for individual attention. Lastly, ADI is a VA approved educational institution, and as such they accept Post 9-11 Veteran G.I. Bill benefits, which was an important consideration for me.
Best F&I School in U.S. Testimonial

Anthony Black

Outstanding! Whether you have experience or not in the industry, this program is the go-to, hands down. The entire course is spot on without the feeling of am I going to really be prepared after graduation. The answer is yes. 100% beneficial, accurate, easy to follow, and worth the money. Thank you so much ADI!
New York F&I Finance Manager Training School

Ryan F.

This course exceeded all of my expectations as it pertains to professionalism, knowledge, and overall detail. The instructor was incredibly knowledgeable and kind. She was very patient and encouraging as well. I never thought I would come away with such a thorough understanding of all facts of F&I. The course certainly demanded the utmost concentration and dedication. It was a grind. But the intense work only made me appreciate what I’ve learned that much more. Thank you to all the staff. Oh, and thank you ADI for helping place me with a dealer and with my interview prep.

Intense, not a joke, rewarding, highly educational, surprising.

F&I Manager – Honda dealership in Statesville, NC
F&I Training center, our students are guided through courses

Jeff Auguste

This is a life changing opportunity! I doubted myself at first, but the material is laid out in such a comprehensive way that I was instantly at ease. From the instructors, staff, and the materials, everything was perfect. I look forward to utilizing all that I
have learned at Automotive Dealership Institute in my new F&I career.
New York Best F&I School Finance Manager Training

Kevin Jamison

Awesome! ADI provides a great class environment making it easy to learn the necessary skills. In fact, I have already recommended ADI to others!
Florida F&I Finance Manager Training School

James A.

Overall, the course has great content and the staff is quite friendly. What I have taken from the class is immeasurable in that I have learned way more than what was expected.

This course goes into much further detail than expected. Way more information than just going from sales to F&I Manager roles.

Much needed!

F&I/Sales Manager – Independent dealership in Spokane, WA
Texas F&I Finance Manager Training School

Charlie W.

Attending ADI was one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life.

Less than a month after graduating ADI I was hired at an AutoNation Hyundai dealership as an F&I Manager and love it! I would have never got the job without the outstanding curriculum and reputation of ADI.

Charlie Walters
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