Job Descriptions

Dynamic Careers in a Growing Industry

The Automotive Dealership Institute’s courses prepare students for successful careers at franchised new-car dealerships, used-car dealerships, auto finance companies, banks, and other lenders, as well as independent repair facilities. These professional positions are in great demand.

Finance and Insurance Manager

Completes all the legal paperwork involved in a vehicle transaction. In addition, the F&I manager arranges financing for the customer, and offers such automotive aftermarket products as extended service contracts, anti-theft and other devices designed to protect the customer’s investment in the vehicle.

Special Finance Manager

Arranges financing for customers who are credit-challenged or who have no established credit. In some car dealerships, the special finance manager may also be involved in the actual sale of the vehicle as well as approving the loan and financing.

Internet Manager

Oversees the automotive Internet Department in large dealerships. In smaller dealerships the Internet manager will also handle leads generated through the car dealership’s web site and communicate with customers through e-mail, telephone and other communication methods.

Loan Officer

Works for a finance company, bank, credit union or other lender. The loan officer evaluates applications for individuals seeking loans, and analyzes their accounts. In many respects, they serve as the lending counterpart to the F&I manager.

Service Advisor

Meets with customers who need to service their vehicles, either for preventative maintenance or to correct mechanical or other automotive problems. The service advisor acts as a middle man between the customer and the expert auto mechanic.