Finance and Insurance

What is Finance and Insurance

The F&I Department is one of the main sources of profit of the dealership. As such, the Finance Department is both one of the most dynamic and most important areas of any dealership.

It is charged with three primary tasks: completing all the legal paperwork involved in the purchase of a vehicle, arranging credit for customers who need it, and then helping those customers protect their investments by presenting them with option packages.


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F&I School

First and foremost, ADI is an F&I School dedicated to the education of talented individuals interested in embarking upon or advancing their careers in automotive dealerships, lending institutions and related fields.

Graduates of our F&I School are trained to present to customers all products normally offered in dealership F&I offices, including extended service contracts, anti-theft devices, GAP protection and loan programs for prime and non-prime credit consumers. They are also trained on products designed to protect the resale value of the vehicle, including safeguard paint, fabrics and interiors.

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F&I Training

ADI’s F&I training is designed to teach the skills necessary to become a successful automotive Finance Manager, Internet Sales Manager, dealer representative for aftermarket manufacturers or banks, or loan officer for financial institutions. Our F&I training covers the entire retail auto sales process, enabling those with no previous automotive experience to gain the professional insight necessary to thrive in the industry.

As part of their F&I training, students spend supervised lab time working with authentic automotive F&I software. Advent Resources F&I Software allows students immediate access to information needed to manage and maximize their earning potential. Advent is designed to work deals the way the cars sold, so it is very easy to use and provides great customization.

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ADI, Phoenix, AZ

F&I News

If you selected a career in the automotive industry, congratulations – you couldn’t have made a better choice. The latest F&I news indicates that this is an excellent time to be entering the car business. The Automotive Dealership Institute is the culmination of decades of practical experience and training expertise in the expanding field of automotive Finance and Insurance Management.

According to one of the leaders in F&I news – the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) – more than 1 million people are employed in nearly 21,800 dealerships nationwide, contributing to an annual payroll of more than $48 billion. More than 705 million vehicles have been sold in the United States since Henry Ford’s first Model T. The cost of those vehicles? More than $6.7 trillion.

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Service Advisor Training

Students who complete the Service Advisor Training course are trained on the service process, the advisor’s responsibilities, building customer rapport and creating value. They are also trained to improve performance, handle telephone procedure/objectives and overcome objections. They learn the customer interviewing process, fact finding, effective ways of documenting service, delivery and follow-up.

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F&I Manager

ADI was the recipient of AFIP'S prestigious Finance and Insurance Eagle award for being the one and only licensed F&I school on the USA

ADI was the recipient of AFIP’S prestigious F&I Eagle award for being the one and only licensed F&I school on the USA

The F&I Manager performs a number of vital functions, including reviewing and confirming the agreed-upon sales figures, preparing salespeople to confer with customers about needed services or products, consulting with customers to determine their wants and needs and presenting products to fulfill them, obtaining credit approval, and preparing delivery documentation. Throughout the process, the Finance Manager must practice strict legal compliance and ethical behavior.

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Special Finance Manager

Special Finance Managers, and the Special Finance Department as a whole, have become a vital component in the automotive dealership. Availability of a varied buyer base plays an extremely important role in success of growth of today’s dealerships. Following are some of the benefits of thinking outside of the box and closing more deals with a Special Finance Manager.

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Service Advisor

The “Automotive Service Advisor” of today is a person who works in a service department as a contact person between customers and other staff members in the dealership. The ability to work independently in a busy, pressure-filled environment is required. Customer focus, relationship maintenance and communication skills are of paramount importance in this position.

The Service Advisor is responsible for meeting and greeting the customer, documenting any and all of the customer concerns, selling needed service and repairs, handling factory and extended warranties, arranging alternative transportation for the customer, providing estimates, keeping the customer informed as to the progress of repairs and explaining the finalized repair order to

the customer.

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Finance and Insurance - Every detail of our facility was gracefully designed and executed by interior designer Jennifer Reynolds

Every detail of our facility was gracefully designed and executed by interior designer Jennifer Reynolds

Service Writer

The Service Writer has one of the most hectic, and most important, jobs in an automotive dealership. They are the dealership’s point-of-contact employees, the link between the dealership and the customer.

Since the Service Writer is often the first person that a customer meets when they are bringing their vehicle in for repairs or service, it is imperative that they be perceived as professionals that can satisfy the customers’ needs.

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Powersports F&I

Demand for managers in powersports F&I is increasing exponentially. As gas prices rise and income falls, more and more customers are looking for a less expensive alternative to traditional vehicles. The huge profitability offered by the powersports industry has prompted an evolution in powersports F&I. Many of the same principles found in automotive F&I offices are now being applied to their counterparts in the powersports industry.

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Service Department

There are two basic types of Service Departments.

  • Product specific service facilities.
  • System specific service facilities.

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