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Things a professional car salesperson should never say or do

Selling cars is a very unique process.

It’s not like selling items like cell phones, appliances, furniture, clothing or computers.

Selling cars is more like an art and a science, combined and wrapped inside an enigma.

Personality, appearance, authenticity, and your ability to persuade effectively and still appear empathetic are all key to your success.

Car buyers excited to buy a new car walk into a dealership and want to have a positive experience.

They want a great experience to go with the great exciting feeling that they have that comes with buying a new car.

So, it’s important to interact with your customers in a positive way which relaxes them and makes them want to enjoy the process.

Your customer wants to be satisfied with their experience of buying a new car and are eager to purchase a car from you.


Things a professional car salesperson should never say or do

So, what are the key things that customers do NOT want?

  • Never say to a potential customer, “At that price, I am barely making any money on this car”. If you completely focus just on how much you will make on a deal and how to maneuver a potential customer towards higher profitability, eventually, the customer catches on. Most often than not, you will lose the sale.


  • A good salesperson makes a living by making reasonable profit from lots of sales, then goes home and forgets about the day and focuses on enjoying their lives with their loved ones. Anguishing over deals and sales, will not help you become a great salesperson.


  • There are times when you may make a few hundred dollars less on a deal, but your customer walks out happy and may recommend a friend to you or come back and buy another car in the future. Never be short-sighted.


  • You may not be the best salesperson of the month, but you will be in the future if you focus on being a good salesperson, with your customers happy and the sales managers not have to worry about dealing with an angry customer because of you. Longevity and consistency are the key.


  • Never work for a dealership that is going bankrupt and is just trying to make as much money as possible until they close the doors.


  • Never work for a dealership that has gotten itself into financial trouble and the owners are forced to try to earn extra revenue by any means necessary, including lying and being dishonest and misleading customers. No matter how much commission they offer you, it’s not worse it and you are wasting your time.


  • If the dealership where you are working suddenly becomes a nightmare place to work, you can go look for a family owned dealership where you could feel the positive atmosphere as soon as you walk in, where the staff are happy and relaxed, therefore, that is the place you want to work.

Car sales professionals occupy a role in the automobile industry that is valuable and essential. Cars are inherently too complex and too emotional of a purchase to be done all by oneself. Auto sales professionals and their knowledge of cars are highly appreciated by car buyers, when practiced correctly. They are at the front line of the dealership. Every dealership expects the best from their sales team when engaging buyers to purchase at their dealership.

Most car salespeople end up going into automobile industry because it is one that offers you potential to earn without experience. You can start tomorrow or immediately. All you need is the right attitude and perseverance to learn and grow and the desire to help people make a purchase.

One thing that is necessary in the automotive industry is hard work.

While there is a lot of money that can be earned as a car sales professional, it is full of challenges too.

But if you are made for selling cars, there are hardly other jobs that make you as satisfied and is as rewarding.

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