Auto F&I Finance Manager Training School

The 4 Pillars of Success in F&I Management

Have you been considering a career in automotive finance and insurance management? This can be a lucrative career if you get the right training from a trade school with a reputation of providing their students with the quality education they need. However, it’s about more than just getting the right training. The knowledge and experience is invaluable in your success, but because you’ll be working with people, there are some other pillars of success that must be present.

Be Passionate About Your Job

There’s no better way to sell the products and services you offer than to be truly passionate about them. People can tell if you’re bored with your job or don’t truly believe in what you’re trying to sell them. It’s critical to make sure you are passionate about as much of your job as you can be, so your customers will see that passion and feed off of it. If you’re excited about what you have to offer, they are more likely to be excited about taking advantage of the offers you present. One of the best ways to build the passion about what you do is to truly understand the process. This may mean going through the process yourself, paying attention to what you see as a flaw and learning what you can do better. After all, if you aren’t willing to go through the financing and insurance process on your own, why should anyone else want to? It will be your job to sell your customers on a number of options when they’re buying a car. Get to know each of them in detail, so you can easily explain what they do and why they are important for your customers to consider.

Help Your Customers

This may seem like an obvious answer when you’ll be helping them get the financing and insurance they need to purchase and operate the vehicle they want. However, it goes deeper than that. As mentioned, you will be responsible for cross selling a number of finance and insurance products as part of the car sales process. Not every customer will need all of them, so it’s essential to take a close look at each customer’s unique situation and determine which of the products or services will actually help them and which will be a waste of their money. A high customer satisfaction rating for a dealership depends heavily on being able to offer them the products and services they need and nothing more. Many people are buying a car on a tight budget and haven’t left a lot of room for additional things. It’s up to you to help them find the products or services they actually need to protect their investment and allow them to enjoy their new car. If your customers feel you are helping them, rather than simply pushing things on them, they will be more receptive to making the right choices.

Always Listen

While some customers may not be aware of what they need or even what they want, some will know exactly what they’re looking for. However, even those who aren’t aware are likely to have some limitations that will impact the vehicle they purchase and the options they choose, particularly in the area of finance and insurance. This is why it’s essential to really listen to what your customers are saying. Not all of them will be clear in what they’re saying, but if you learn to listen to how they say things, as well as pay attention to their body language when they say it, you are more likely to pick up on the little things that will allow you to help them get the car they need without causing financial stress. While many dealership employees will listen to customers at the start, it’s essential for those working in finance and insurance to continue listening throughout the process in order to provide the utmost in customer service.

Tell a Good Story

There’s a lot of waiting when it comes to financing a car and purchasing the various types of insurance needed. This means there’s plenty of time to talk about the options and more. One of the best ways to become a great salesperson, especially when you’re trying to convince someone why they need a product or service, is to be able to tell a great story. As you work with more customers, you will build an array of personal stories regarding how the various products and services you’re offering have actually helped people. Perhaps you sold an individual gap insurance for their used vehicle purchase, and they had issues that ended up paid for by the insurance. Learn how to tell that story so you can use it to show others why they should consider buying it for themselves. The better you can tell these stories and elicit an emotional response from your customers, the more likely they will be to see the benefit of each product or service you are presenting to them.

People skills are an essential element when you’re working in the automotive industry, not just for those working on the sales floor, but also for those who are working in the finance and insurance department. When paired with training from a reputable school like the Automotive Dealership Institute, these skills can help you better serve customers and become an effective player in your dealership team.

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