Zia H.

I have been procrastinating whether to go back to school for…

Wayne B.

I am the President/ CEO of an independent dealership in Temecula…

Damon C.

This is a very informative course that will provide a strong…

Tarah B.

The F&I course was excellent and has opened my job opportunities…

Nav B.

It’s the mothership of F&I!  At the end of the course,…

Dillon H.

Everyone at ADI was awesome! I really learned way more than…

James W. - Wesley Chapel, FL.

This course was challenging but very rewarding! The knowledge…

William P. - Lincoln, NE

The detail provided in the F&I course was excellent it made…

Michael B. - New Jersey

Michael B. I couldn’t have asked for a better class or staff.…

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Daniel Mac Pic Finance Manager Automotive Dealership Institute Testimonial

Daniel M. – F&I Management Program

ADI provides the best F&I training. It is well worth your time and money. The program was well informed, organized and easy to learn. I am now working at a BMW dealership as an F&I Manager in Atlanta, GA.

The best F&I training in the country and the industry!!!

Thank you ADI!

Daniel M.

Erika M Finance Manager Auto Dealer Institute Testimonial

Erika M. – F&I Management Program

I am very great full and thankful to ADI for sharing their experience with me, I was a student in March class of 2014 now I run an entire used department as a GM and also do the F&I. I am 26 years old, and prior to taking this course I had 9 years of experience in car sales.

This is a great program for anyone willing to go after their goals, dreams and money. The class was full of knowledge guided by experts in the business, if you don’t take this course you are losing money and great opportunities!

I strongly recommend this course, especially if you worked as a sales rep for a car dealership before, this is the opportunity for a successful career!!!

Thank you to everybody at ADI!

Erika M.

Losson B Finance Manager ADI School Testimonial

Losson B. – F&I Management Program

Thanks to all of the ADI family for a wonderful experience. I have gained knowledge and skills, going home to begin a rewarding and challenging career. From enrollment, using my Post 911/VA Benefits, all the way through graduation, the ADI has been a wonderful experience.

I have been working at a Ford dealership in Charlotte, NC as an F&I Manager and averaging around 1150 PVR.

Thank you ADI!

Losson B.

Michael A F&I ADI Testimonial

Michael A. – F&I Management Program

Very informative, structured with essential information. I know that I am not only prepared, but I am better prepared than most to meet the needs of the dealership customers.

And, what a great training facility! Training here is top notch. I had a high line F&I job right out of school with BMW, and now, six months later, I am currently an F&I Director with BMW. If you are looking for the best F&I training possible, this is where you need to be. It will change your life.

Thank you – You guys are great!!

Michael A

Kamran Malik F&I ADI testimonial

Mohamed Kamran Malik – Finance Management

Coming to ADI was long time dream and goal of mine. The staff was extremely courteous..the faculty was extremely knowledgeable in teaching us the right way in the car business rather than taking short cuts. Learning compliance, the laws and regulations…these are things you get to learn and so much more from ADI. I took all of this knowledge to my F&I position at a Ford store in Mobile, Alabama.

Kamran Malik

Kevin Hoff F&I automotive dealership institute testimonial

Kevin Hoff – Finance Management

I have never experienced an educational environment as professional, structured and beneficial as what I experienced at ADI. From start to finish, the school was the most challenging and enriching educational environment I have been a part of. I am so thankful for this experience. Thank you, ADI, for providing me with the tools to advance my career. I went to back to work at my dealership group in Dulles, Virginia as an F&I Manager at our Volvo store and we were ranked #1 in the Mid-Atlantic Region for Volvo Maintenance Contracts.

Kevin Hoff

Austin Bond finance manager course testimonial

Austin Bond – Finance Management

ADI was the best decision I’ve made. I attended this class in January of 2015. I have already been in the industry for a year now and ADI had taught me so much! Without this school I would have never landed a job in finance right away. If It wasn’t for this awesome program I would still be selling cars. A big hats off to the instructor and all the other staff for being so easy going and helpful throughout the whole process! 5 stars definitely recommend the Automotive Dealership Institute!

I have been working at a Toyota store in Milford, MA and was recently ranked #2 in PVR for my region.

Austin Bond

Charlie Walters finance manager school testimonial

Charlie Walters – Finance Management

Attending ADI was one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life.

Less than a month after graduating ADI I was hired at an AutoNation Hyundai dealership as an F&I Manager and love it! I would have never got the job without the outstanding curriculum and reputation of ADI.

Charlie Walters