VA Testimonials

Losson B.

Thanks to all of the ADI family for a wonderful experience. I have gained knowledge and skills, going home to begin a rewarding and challenging career. From enrollment, using my Post 911/VA Benefits, all the way through graduation, the ADI has been a wonderful experience.

I have been working at a Ford dealership in Charlotte, NC as an F&I Manager and averaging around 1150 PVR.

Thank you ADI!

Losson B.

Charlie W.

Attending ADI was one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life.

Less than a month after graduating ADI I was hired at an AutoNation Hyundai dealership as an F&I Manager and love it! I would have never got the job without the outstanding curriculum and reputation of ADI.

Charlie Walters

Henry R.

This was an exceptional course for me. Not being in the automotive industry, it really opened up my eyes to a whole new world of endless possibilities. Our instructor did a outstanding job . Her knowledge and patience were exemplified every day. I am very prepared to enter the F&I arena with confidence and skills to best serve my customers.

I currently work as a Finance Manager for a large dealership group in Virginia at a Kia Dealership. Thanks for everything ADI!

Anthony W.

“Life Changing”
It took me 2 years to get to this school and it was well worth the wait. I had several obstacles that I had to overcome before attending this class but I remained focused and persistent. Today is my last day and I already have employers e-mailing me regarding an interview. Furthermore, my current employer wants to sit down with me and discuss options.

ADI is a “must” for anyone seeking to advance within the Automotive Industry. What I’ve learned here is priceless!!!

I am now working at a Nissan dealership as an F&I Manager in GA.

Thank you ADI!!!

Alapeti W.

I loved every bit of this course. Without having any experience in automotive industry, graduating from this course has given me the tools and the knowledge to become a successful F&I Manager.

Everybody at ADI helped me understand the role of an F&I Manager, instructors and staff are very knowledgeable, I would highly recommended it to everybody who wants to get into Automotive Industry.

I am now working as an F&I Manager at a very busy Honda dealership in Houston, TX.

Thank you!

Korey C.

You are all amazing and thought me more in a month than I could ever imagined to learn. I feel confident that attending this F&I program has set me up for a successful career in F&I.

I am starting in F&I at a busy Chevrolet/Cadillac dealer in MI.

If you want a successful career in F&I like me, this course is a must. It will blow your mind!

Warren S.

I looked at several F&I schools before choosing ADI. After taking the course I know I made the right decision.I thought the class was excellent and the instructor’s did a great job!

I am now working in finance at a Cadillac Dealership in Knoxville, TN.

Thank you ADI!

Matthew D.

I feel that ADI’s Finance Management Course is amazing and offers a wealth of knowledge. After receiving an honorable discharge from US Army, I used my Post 9/11 VA Benefits to attended ADI’s Automotive Finance management Class. It was one the best decisions I have made in my life.  I wouldn’t have been able to secure a fun and high paying job as an F&I Manager at a new car dealership if I didn’t attend ADI.  Graduating from ADI has changed my life and my lifestyle.ADI gives you a financial masterpiece that will serve a base to rise from for the rest of your automotive career.

I was highly impressed and certainly recommend ADI to anyone with the drive to succeed in exciting automotive industry.  I was actually hired a few days before graduating from ADI, by a small new car dealership group as an F&I manager in Phoenix, AZ.  After working there for a little over one year, I relocated back to SC and now working at a large Infinity dealership as an F&I manager. I am still making an executive income and can’t be happier with my life.

Thank you ADI!

Omar A.

This is an excellent program!

I graduated with all the knowledge I need to join a finance department. Last week in class, I’ve had interviews over the phone with potential employers and not one thing they asked me that we didn’t cover in the classroom. Everything was covered in great detail and depth and I was able to land interviews for the same week I arrived to my hometown.

This course is worth every penny if you apply yourself. Make no mistake, it is challenging and you have to come here with a studying mentality, but if you do, you will succeed just like me. I was able to land an F&I position at a Ford dealership in FL, first week of graduation.

Thank you ADI!