Jason R. – F&I Management Program

Jason R.

Automotive Dealership Institute takes the time to prepare you for a career in F&I Management. This is not a week long crash course. They provide all the material and training necessary to succeed.

Instructors and staff are great and everybody is there to help you get a job upon graduation.

Excellent program! Well worth the investment!

I am working as an F&I Manager at a VW/Nissan dealer group in WA and using everything I’ve learned.

Thank you ADI!

-Jason R.


Jake Y. – F&I Management Program

Jake Y. I am very impressed with the level of education received from ADI, even though I had prior 12 years of experience in the car business and thought I knew a lot. I can now say that I only knew about 15% of the whole picture. Thanks to the comprehensive program, instructors, staff, tools and materials I now have the knowledge and confidence required to be very successful. I am graduating with a greater understanding than most F&I and desk managers that have been doing it for years.

The course overall was more excellent than expected. It is a comprehensive and concentrated program that teaches the right way to do the job – you’ll be able to present benefits of the products that the customer will buy without you selling, because it’s done right, including a full understanding of deal structuring, desking, leasing and F&I presentation.

I am now working as an F&I manager at a big dealer group in AZ.

-Jake Y.


Jim P. – F&I Management Program

Jim P.

The course is excellent!

It is extremely comprehensive and very tactical in its delivery. Instructors are terrific and deliver the course material in a very understandable fashion.

A packed 4 weeks of useful real life finance content and excellent facilities!

Now, I am typing deals at a BMW store in CA and I am getting more confident every day. 


-Jim P.


Brandon M. – F&I Management Program “Incredible”

Brandon M. - Testimonial - Incredible

Incredible information!

I really feel like this is a very informative and helpful course. Instructor is also very helpful and very personable. It isn’t a course of information “spewing” but a course that moves on as everyone gets the full understanding of the topics.

It’s a true one on one experience with very personable instructor.

I am very happy working at a Subaru dealership in AZ.

 Thanks ADI!

 -Brandon M.


Mohamed E. – F&I Management Program

Mohamed Elkhattabi 1

“Excellent Class, Excellent Staff”

The way the courses are created, it flows smoothly from first day till the end. Very professional environment, I definitely enjoyed it, learned a lot and boosted my knowledge and confidence in the finance world.

It is worth every penny, every dollar. Finally I can say that I can be a professional and savvy Finance Manager. It is hard work that will pay off!

I am now working at one of the busiest Toyota dealership in GA.

Thank you, Thank you ADI!!!

-Mohamed E.


Patrick G. – F&I Management Program

Patrick GriffithThis course was challenging and extremely helpful. The instructor was very kind and patient with all of us. The whole staff was great and very involved with assisting us. Placement director was also a great deal of help and encouragement.

This is a great program designed for everyone to maximize success. I will be telling everyone how AWESOME ADI TRULY IS!!!!

Very well worth the investment. Education and training is amazing and well instructed. I am now working as an F&I Manager at a very busy Honda dealership in OH.

Thank you!

-Patrick G.

Diego M. – F&I Management Program

Diego M.Very challenging course that keeps you at the edge of your seat during the entire time. I never thought I was going to learn and perform the F&I menu presentation! Instructor did a great job and I was able to perform at a far much higher level than expected.

Outstanding in every way, ADI is an inspiring and challenging course; it’s no walk in the park but the results are wonderful. I am performing at a higher level than my expectations as an F&I Manager at a Buick/GMC dealership in TX.

Thank you to everyone at ADI for all the support and education!

-Diego M.

Eric L. – F&I Management Program

Eric L.Fantastic Course!

Very informative and very through. It’s amazing how much I have learned and how much I have come in four weeks with no prior auto experience.

0 to 100 in just four weeks. If you put forth the effort, you will come out as a F&I professional, like I did. I am now working as an F&I Manager at a Ford dealership in GA.

-Eric L.

Omar A. – F&I Management Program

Omar A.This is an excellent program!

I graduated with all the knowledge I need to join a finance department. Last week in class, I’ve had interviews over the phone with potential employers and not one thing they asked me that we didn’t cover in the classroom. Everything was covered in great detail and depth and I was able to land interviews for the same week I arrived to my hometown.

This course is worth every penny if you apply yourself. Make no mistake, it is challenging and you have to come here with a studying mentality, but if you do, you will succeed just like me. I was able to land an F&I position at a Ford dealership in FL, first week of graduation.

Thank you ADI!

-Omar A.