Is F&I Manager Training Worth the Investment?

Those interested in finding a steady career that offers room for growth and interesting daily operations might come across the option of being an automotive F&I professional. To enter this competitive field, however, professionals need to go through training that teaches them all they need to know about the industry. This training requires commitments of both time and finances, leaving many to wonder if the training is worth it.

Training to become an F&I professional, however, offers people incredible benefits and a lifelong career. Here are just a few of the reasons that those who elect to go through F&I training end up experiencing the incredible benefits.

Entering a Field with Growth

Americans have had a long love affair with the automobile. This means that the incredible highway system can easily bring you across the country, but it also means that people will continue to buy cars at an impressive rate. In fact, from 2022-2025, the number of cars sold is expected to increase every year, with numbers by 2025 reaching a 10-year-high.

Becoming an F&I professional, therefore, offers you the chance to enter this exciting and growing field. With the customers coming to buy, car dealerships want to know that they have professionals on hand who understand how to build packages that appeal to the client and benefit the dealership. You get to help customers buy their dream cars. As car dealerships face the rising rate of purchases expected, they will be looking for qualified professionals to hire, meaning that those who have gone through this training have earned themselves a position in a competitive field.

The Job Pays Well

Those who go through F&I training also find that the job pays quite well, making it one of the higher-paying jobs available through trade school. Well-trained professions, such as those who graduate from the Automotive Dealership Institute, regularly land jobs that pay $100,000 or even higher.

Going through the training, therefore, can set you up for an excellent career path that will compensate you well. Your salary will make it easy to recuperate any costs associated with the training program.

If You Are a Qualifying Veteran, You Can Apply to Use Your VA Educational Benefits

Educational benefits provided by the VA make it much easier for those who have served in the armed forces to get an education. VA educational benefits can even help cover the cost of training to enter the F&I field, making these classes even more affordable for former military members looking for a solid civilian career to get started.

VA educational benefits help qualifying returning military members attend schools and institutions that are approved to accept such benefits. The Automotive Dealership Institute is the only automotive F&I school that works with returning members of the military to make use of their VA educational benefits for in-person, hands-on automotive F&I training.

The Job Lets You Use a Variety of Skills

When it comes to being successful as an F&I professional, there are a variety of skills you need to succeed. A friendly personality and sales skills will help you engage with potential clients and speak to them about the packages you can offer and what makes a particular payment plan a good fit for them. You can help them understand the value of what you offer and help them visualize themselves driving away in their dream car.

You also get the chance to use a variety of computational skills. Your car dealership trusts you to understand how to interpret information about credit scores and how to structure loans and packages that appeal to the customer while also benefiting the business. In many ways, you will play a critical role in the success of the dealership. Dealerships count on the loans and packages created by their F&I professionals to generate a significant amount of their revenue. Your leadership skills and critical thinking skills will be invaluable to you in this position.

The variety of skills you need to thrive in the F&I field mean that this job will not get boring. Every day will bring you something new as you deal with new customers and their unique situations. Your sales strategy, your leadership skills, and your critical thinking skills will all help you take your F&I training and turn it into a rewarding career.

Understanding the Importance of the Right Training

As we described above, training for a career in F&I can help you find a rewarding and strong career path. However, emerging professionals need to make sure that they get the training from the right place. There are a number of ‘schools’ who profess to teach F&I, but they teach very little. These unlicensed schools do not teach students the skills they need to do their jobs outside of a few small sales strategies. These professionals do not learn what they need to know to thrive as F&I professionals. These other ‘schools’ simply cannot offer what the Automotive Dealership Institute can, including:

  • Job placement assistance
  • An over 90% job placement rate
  • Hands-on instruction from distinguished F&I professionals
  • Ability to accept VA Educational Benefits including the Post-9/11 GI Bill for payment

The F&I field offers an exciting career path for those willing to invest in the proper training. If you are looking for a career where you can grow and thrive, consider the F&I training course offered at the Automotive Dealership Institute and see if you have what it takes to be a top-earning automotive finance & insurance professional!