How do we tell the good F&I Training Schools from the bad ones

How do we tell the good F&I Training Schools from the bad ones?

The answer may not simply be academic. There are those genuine academic institutes that have a widely recognized (by industry peers) syllabuses as well as highly respected instructors. These often have the best teaching methods, classroom facilities and high expectations of their students. Such educational institutes cannot realistically be compared with websites that offer a training product (in the form of an online video training) for sale.

Website businesses that are run by a (for instance) a mattress salesman who bought a $8,000 website selling regurgitated old material, let’s say somewhere in upstate New York, offering a bundled course just won’t cut it. These online course video products can be marketed online for $29.99 or or $299.00 or as much as they can get for it. But there is no comparison, academically or otherwise.

The truthful honest answer to the question of how to tell good F&I training schools vs. bad one is:

Genuine reputation and long standing educational history with dedicated instructors who are highly experienced in the relevant industry, offering a tested and proven F&I Manager training course. That is what Automotive Dealership Institute (ADI) has been offering to its students more than 32+ years.

Genuine reputation matters a lot. These days a slick salesman operating from a little shed in upstate New York or from a trailer park in Wyoming can post fake reviews about their website and their online courses. They can also post bad reviews to harm competitors’ reputation. But online shoppers are much smarter these days and look for consistency in service and reputation.

Many of us have in past paid for a cheap online course of one type or another, soon to be disappointed with the quality and after-sales support. This is why so many of us refuse to fall into another trap buying an online product that does not work, nor allows us to further our career.

We want the real deal. Cheap crap won’t do it. Not when it comes to our careers and our lives.

Academic standards are radically different between an educational institute and a website product (e.g. finance manager training course)

These two different methods of training cannot realistically be compared. It’s not just academic.

One is a real educational center with facilities and highly trained and experienced instructors, the other is a snake oil salesman who is paying a teenagers living in grandmother’s attic to post positive reviews about their online courses on sale for a ridiculously low price in order to make a profit from an unsuspecting career seeker.

Finance manager training with job placement assistance

The cheap online courses for finance manager training (so-called schools) have tried to galvanize the argument of poor training in terms of raw economics of lower cost of service, and hence the quality of training is associated to affordability. This is a terrible way to play with someone’s future career. Making a profit off of unsuspecting targets is cruel and unfair. People want a training to get a good job, not a cheap product so they feel that they are doing something towards their career goals when they are actually, not.

On the other hand, the leading and highly respect Auto Dealership Institute (ADI) has always opted for exceptional training for its students with an incredible team of highly experienced instructors, among whom are dealership managers and F&I sales managers with decades of experience.

This is why the ADI training is hands-on in a classroom or online remote participation but still connected to the classroom live in person during training. In-person or live remote training delivers a realistic scenario and environment to engage with instructors and produces highly trained individuals.

This enables and empowers students to become highly knowledgeable and confident during their job interviews. For the same reasons, ADI offers a job placement assistance that has a success rating of %90+ within 3 months, according to its independent audit of trained F&I Managers by ADI.

There are those individuals who are happy to waste $29.99 or $299.99 or just waste time trying to see if they can do it without a proper training. Indeed this may be the issue of economics. But does it even make sense to waste money and time, almost, trying to fail deliberately?

ADI students expect the best training from an excellent team and a highly reputable school of F&I because they want an exceptional career as a finance manager in the automotive industry earning between $100K+ to $400k a year.

These students will not settle for an online DIY course book or workbook based on old material or reading material that does not even address current dealership needs and requirements, as well as regulations adherence, compliance, or future trends for constantly growing F&I industry.

Successful candidates for an F&I Manager position would need to demonstrate their knowledge and ADI provides the resources accessible to students, as well as quality instructors to accomplish this. ADI also provides specialized facilities for the finance manager training courses to help create more learning and practice opportunities accessible to ADI students.

Likelihood of you being more employable with training from ADI or a cheap online finance manager training course?

Fundamentally, would you say that the main benefit of ADI F&I Manager training is the increased likelihood that you are employable in that field because of exceptional training, knowledgeable academic staff, dedicated facilities, and a high reputation of the school among dealerships in U.S.?

According to a December 2020 research survey from the National Education Association and NPTA, students said that they learn better through connection with their instructors. Online courses and reading material cannot provide the same learning opportunities as interaction between instructors and students.

Through interactions with instructors in a classroom or through live remote participation, students learn more than content and material. They learn time management and planning ahead. They also learn better through active recall and practice sessions which help enormously during job interviews.

These skills during formal training added to real knowledge from experienced instructors and classroom practice sessions makes for highest learning environment. People learn much better through classroom interactions and as a team, rather than as an individual going through reading material, in most cases.

Get trained by the best in the industry to launch your new career. Call 1-877-998-7200 to get more information or feel free to visit the F&I Training overview page on the ADI website.

The Automotive Dealership Institute is a certified institution that has integrity and qualified faculty.

With training at The Automotive Dealership Institute, you’ll get the best possible training to prepare you for a lucrative career in automotive finance.



If you are considering becoming an F&I Manager and work for a car dealership, Auto Dealer Institute can help. We provide Auto F&I Manager Training courses and we are the only licensed, independent F&I Training center in US. or over 32 years. Our Automotive Finance and Insurance Management training program has been teaching students the necessary skills to become a successful automotive finance and insurance manager, internet sales manager, desk/sales manager, or dealer representative.

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