The top #1 salesperson in the world car sales

How car salespeople become the top 1% in their profession

The car industry is one industry that comes with its own pre-formed biases. Many industries do, but this one seems to have many devoted critiques. It is an attractive industry with a lot of money exchanging hands, but it is also competitive.

On a daily basis, things can get quite exciting and even hugely rewarding.

You can’t say exactly what the day holds at any given time in virtually any dealership.

Some days could be the best and others may be the worst, that is why this industry attracts the toughest minded individuals.

In all of these days, a car salesperson is expected to be at his/her best no matter what goes on around them. The best and highest-paid car salespeople can only be achieved, only if you can put in the work and also work smartly.

There are no short cuts or easy meals. Well, sometimes there are but that is the result of persistence.


The best car salesperson in the auto industry


Read this short story posted online:

“About 11 years ago we went to a dealership showroom in our town and within 10 minutes of talking to a salesperson, we walked out annoyed. The salesperson gave us “attitude”, simply, rude and obnoxious.  Not long after that, we went into another dealership nearby. The salesman was an Hispanic gentleman, and I want you to know that word exactly fit his demeanor and his personality! He treated my wife like she was the most important person in the showroom, without being patronizing. He sold our family (not just the two of us) seven Nissans of various models over the next 11 years. At no time during that period did his demeanor and his relationship with us change – he treated us every time as if we were the most important people in the showroom. He always gave us a fair deal, and never did we feel taken advantage of. He was the only person we knew in any commercial business we stopped by to bid farewell to before we moved to another state. He was a true gentleman in every sense of the word.”

Every successful car sales professional with a six-figure pay has qualities that separate them from the others.

Ali Reda (see below) the current undisputed (mostly) champion of car sales in the world, often attributes his success to understanding rapport, trust, and likability being gems of the highest-performing car salesman.

Customers love it when you make it easy for them in their choice to buy the car they cherish to be the perfect fit for them – ultimately making them happy with a purchase that is so personal.

Show these qualities to customers on the floor of your dealership, and you will be on your way to be a great salesperson performing above average.

If you want to be the best of the best, the number 1, the one that is looked upon with an awe, you need to do more. Start by studying some of the best that have come before you.

Some of the individuals you need to learn more about or even follow in social media:

  • Ali Reda – the #1 car salesperson in the world, the “Michael Jordan of car sales”
  • Joe Girard – For 40 years, the undisputed king of sales in U.S.
  • Tianna Mick – Another of the greatest salespeople ever
  • Rob Ruth – Dealer principal and an innovator in dealership operation
  • Danny Zaslavsky – General manager and creative modeling expert
  • Shep Hyken – A legend in customer services, and a NY Time best selling author
  • Erich Gail – Leader of dealership franchise operational effectiveness

Once you study the best of the best, then you need to focus on the following:

Product knowledge

If you don’t know your product, customers won’t trust you and inevitably won’t buy from you. Knowledge is key, and insightful knowledge is the closer.

Sales process

Don’t rush into your sales talk. Ask, listen, and prepare your presentation in your mind before you start. Walk the customer to the end of the sale by helping them visualize what they will accomplish with the purchase.


Success in any job that requires speaking with the customers depends on how well you speak with buyers and how much trust you build with what you are saying to them. Talk to them based on what they want and what they think they need, but never talk down to them.

Time management

The best salespeople will always mention that they elevated their sales performance when they learned about time management. Be effective with planning the sales process, don’t look over anxious, but don’t appear as indifference. Strike a balance between urgency and forcefulness.

And who are the highest-paid car salespeople in the world, currently.


  1. TIM CHURCHILL – Sales manager at McKenna Group
  2. DARREN WOOD – GM dealership
  3. WILLIAM HASKINS – Audi Oakland car dealership
  4. RICK SCHILLER – Piercey Toyota dealership
  5. BRIAN MCKENNA – Mohawk Honda dealership
  6. JOSE MARTINEZ – Lexus Carlsbad dealership
  8. ALAN REICHENTHAL – Lamborghini Paramus dealership
  10. ZANE ERICKSON – Volvo Cars Seattle


Top 10 best car salespeople in the world


Consistency is the most significant quality, if you truly want to earn that dream amount per month. This should be your drive for earning big each day in the dealership. To become the #1 salesperson and attain the position of the highest paid car salesperson doesn’t come over night. Persistence of the daily routine and your devotion to mastering successful traits is what will get you there. For some, reaching the record may take months, for some it may be years, but no one achieve this without being deliberate and intentional. You need to WANT to be the #1.

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