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    Automotive Dealership Institute provides full time placement assistance to all its graduates, including professional resume preparation, career advising, job search and setting up job interviews.

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Automotive Dealership Institute CEO

Finance Management School

Our F & I and Service Advisor courses enjoy an exceptional job placement rate. The Automotive Dealership Institute offers innovative automotive management training programs, with both in-class and online courses. ADI is dedicated to educating the next generation of Finance & Insurance Managers. Our students graduate with a prestigious diploma earning them instant credibility and respect among their peers and prospective employers.

Our Automotive Finance Management course is designed to teach the skills necessary to become a successful automotive Finance and Insurance manager, Internet sales manager, dealer representative for aftermarket manufacturers or banks, or loan officer for financial institutions. Since it also covers the entire retail auto sales process, it enables those with no previous automotive experience to learn the industry up close and personal.

Our Automotive Service Advisor course trains individuals to become expert service advisors, either at franchised new-car dealerships or at independent service shops. Service advisors are always in demand, and you don’t have to be an auto mechanic to become one!

F&I Managers Nationwide Earn an Average $81,054 Per Year*

*2014 Annual Income Nationwide for dealership Finance & Insurance Managers, according to www.swz.salary.com

Your Path to a Rewarding Career at AutoDealerInstitute

    • Finance and Insurance Manager – Graduate in 4 Weeks
    • Professional Job Placement Assistance
  • Tuition Finance Options and Student Loans

AutoDealerInstitute VA Educational Benefits – Post 911

  • Post 911 Veterans may apply for full tuition
  • Generous allowance for housing and expenses

Get the Training You Need to be an F&I Manager NOW!! at AutoDealerInstitute

  • Finance and Insurance – Prime
  • Finance and Insurance -Subprime
  • Special Finance
  • Deal Structuring/Desking
  • Credit Bureau Analysis
  • Menu Presentation
  • Objection Handling

Professional Job Placement Assistance in all 50 states

  • Prepare a professional resume
  • Conduct mock interviews and coaching
  • Provide ongoing career advising

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Arizona, California, New York, Georgia, Indiana


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