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There were over 17.2 million cars sold in 2018, making now an exciting time to be a part of a car dealership team. If you want to position yourself, as an F&I professional, to take advantage of the opportunities here, finding the best finance manager training can put you on the path towards success.

What does F&I training do?

F&I training offers you valuable insight into the world of finance and insurance at an auto dealership. You will learn the responsibilities of an F&I manager. To succeed in this field you need a number of valuable skills including:

  • How to best interact with customers. How do you overcome common objections? How do you help them see the value of including extras? How do you put them at ease?
  • What legal compliance is and how it works. When it comes to financing cars for customers at an auto dealership, you must have a thorough understanding of the laws that apply to you and the purchases you oversee. Sometimes these laws and regulations can feel confusing, but with the right instruction, you can manage them.
  • How to analyze credit and structure deals that appeal to your customers and your dealership. You have to know how to create deals customers will want to take advantage of, while still keeping your dealership in business. Knowing how to look out for the interests of both parties requires some special understanding and skills.

The best F&I training makes it possible to learn these valuable skills and set you up for success.

The best finance manager training

At the Automotive Dealership Institute, you have an incredible opportunity to learn from the nation’s only licensed finance and insurance trade school, serving the F&I industry for over 30 years. Training here will allow you to access teachers and classes not available anywhere else. You get to tap into the depth of knowledge available at the institute, which has already trained F&I professionals across the country.

As a licensed institute, qualifying veterans can use their Post 9/11 GI Bill benefits to help pay for tuition, opening doors for people to enter this strong and profitable career.

As the best finance manager training option, the Automotive Dealership Institute offers a program that consists of three sections.

  1. Finance and Insurance – Prime
  2. Laws, Rules, and Regulations
  3. F&I Menu-Presentation Process/Objection Handling and Conversations

Unlike other, unlicensed, programs, our courses will teach you the full range of what you need to know to be successful as an F&I professional. You will finish the course confident and assured of your knowledge and ready to establish relationships with customers and guide them through their purchase. With a thorough understanding of legal compliance, in-depth lessons on deal structuring and credit report analysis, and real-life examples, you will have the knowledge you need to thrive.

Additionally, once you finish your training, the professionals at the Automotive Dealership Institute feel so confident in their training that we will even offer job placement assistance. We will help you find car dealerships that want F&I professionals with your skills, including training from the licensed institute. We will guide you through every step of the process, even offering help with interviews. We want to help each of our students find a successful career that will help them thrive.

Where you can get the best finance manager training?

For those with the time and commitment, attending the Automotive Dealership Institute training course in person at ADI’s Scottsdale, Arizona campus presents a wonderful opportunity. You will get to work in person with some of the best professionals in the industry, strengthening your network and allowing you to get the most out of the classes.

If attending in person is not possible, do not worry! You can access the best online F&I training through our online classes. These classes allow you to receive superior finance manager training while working at your own pace in a dynamic learning experience.

Through real-life examples, modules that can be paused and reviewed, and telephone assistance, you can learn everything you need to know about the responsibilities of an F&I manager right online.

The program is designed to help individuals and companies succeed, training F&I professionals without travel or having to take time off from work. With printable PDF textbooks, hands-on practice, and instant test results, it has never been easier to receive the best F&I training.

The Finance and Insurance field opens doors for those who want to set themselves up for an exciting career. Finding the best finance manager training, however, makes it even easier for those in the field to obtain the knowledge and confidence needed to thrive and achieve real success. Training through the Automotive Dealership Institute will give you that edge as the only licensed school and with the experience of working with professionals for over three decades. Come experience the Automotive Dealership Institute advantage.

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If you are considering becoming an F&I Manager and work for a car dealership, Auto Dealer Institute can help. We provide Auto F&I Manager Training courses and we are the only licensed, independent F&I Training center in US. or over 32 years. Our Automotive Finance and Insurance Management training program has been teaching students the necessary skills to become a successful automotive finance and insurance manager, internet sales manager, desk/sales manager, or dealer representative.

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