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Finance and Insurance (F&I) Manager education and training requirements

Finance and Insurance (F&I) Managers in an automotive dealership are responsible for auto loan processing on behalf of customers as well as providing a fully transparent selling process and loan application processing with lending institutions, often with as many as 20+ or more lenders. 

This is a position that offers an opportunity to grow your career as an F&I Manager and accelerate as far and fast as your talent and your desire allows.

What are the main job requirements for an F&I Manager?

Most dealerships require the following in an F&I applicant:

  • High school diploma or equivalent
  • Proven ability to provide an exceptional customer experience
  • Ability to set and achieve targeted goals
  • Highly detail-oriented and organized
  • Prior sales experience preferred but not required
  • Can demonstrate communication, consultative, interpersonal and organizational skills
  • Experience and desire to work with technology
  • AND certification/diploma from a reputable F&I Manager Training School

When you make a decision regarding your future, one of the most critical elements you must consider is what type of school you will go to.

Whether right out of high school or even once settled into a career, many people seem to only think about the larger colleges as options to further their education.

However, trade schools are an excellent alternative to more traditional and expensive college/university options.


Finance Manager Training Courses

Length of Education

While younger adults may not feel in a rush to finish their education and start on the path to their chosen career, those who are making a career change later in life or who are eager to start earning the money they need to support their families, trade school can be a great option due to the short amount of time it takes to complete your education.

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If you were to attend a traditional school, you would likely need to complete four years of schooling in order to obtain a bachelor’s degree.

For those who wish to pursue their career field even further, additional years may be required. However, when you attend a trade school for something like finance and insurance, you can complete your education in a much shorter period so you can begin working in your career field, earning the wages you need for a comfortable life.

In fact, some programs can be completed in as little as a few weeks.

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Substantially Lower Cost

Have you ever looked at colleges across the country to determine how much your education may cost over a 4-year course?

Whether you look at larger private institutions or you were considering public colleges, you may find the tuition costs thousands of dollars each year with private colleges charging significantly more for an education. On top of that, you need to pay for books and materials and potentially room and board if the school you choose isn’t close to your home.

F&I schools are often either located close to where you live or provide you with the opportunity to complete your courses from the comfort of your own home on your own time through online classes.

Because of these options and the short time during which you complete your coursework, the cost of a trade school is often much less than traditional schools, allowing you to embark on the career of your choice without going into severe debt that must be paid off for many years after your education is finished.

With training at The Automotive Dealership Institute, you’ll get the best possible training to prepare you for a lucrative career in automotive finance.


Rate of Graduation

Another factor many people must consider when it comes to attending a traditional school is the rate of graduation. Many traditional colleges have a high drop out rate for a number of reasons.

Finances are just one.

The stress of attending college, along with the large number of classes required and the amount of time it can take to complete an education, can all lead to individuals dropping out and going into the workforce early.

This often leaves individuals working jobs that aren’t as fulfilling and don’t provide as many financial benefits as they would have gotten should they have completed their degree.

Because of the amount of work required for a bachelor’s degree, those who find they must also work full time while they attend school may also take longer than the typical four years to complete their degree, further delaying their opportunity to work in their chosen career field.

Trade schools often have a much higher graduation rate and individuals often can easily complete the coursework in a timely manner, even with the other obligations they may have in their lives.

F&I Meaning

Earn a Good Salary (NADA average: $142k+)

While any degree can help you earn better wages once you do embark on your chosen career path, trade schools can help get you started much more quickly.

Many career fields require working for a while as you build up your experience and slowly begin to earn more.

However, when you choose a field that can be fulfilled by attending a trade school, you can expect to earn higher wages from the start.

These careers are often in high demand and may be often overlooked, which means those who enter the career field will be able to secure better paying jobs, even upon their initial graduation.

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A Specialized Education

Another great reason to choose a trade school over a traditional college is you will receive a specialized education designed specifically for the career field you are considering.

In many cases, traditional colleges require a core curriculum that may not align with what you plan to do with your life. This can lead to spending a lot of time in classes that have no bearing on your ability to do your job, wasting both your time and your money.

Instead, trade schools only require you to take classes that train you how to do your job so you can begin working in your field while earning the money you deserve for doing the job. This means less time wasted on courses that won’t provide a benefit to you in the future.

Job Security

Going back to the fact jobs that typically follow a trade school education are in high demand with fewer people pursuing them, individuals who complete this type of coursework can sometimes also enjoy greater job security than those who enter more competitive fields.

Due to the specialized training they receive, they will be armed with the hands-on skills and knowledge to perform the work properly and earn themselves a good income in a much shorter period.

They are much less likely to lose their jobs, giving them a level of security for a solid financial future, both while on the job and afterward into retirement.

Job Placement Assistance

Although it’s typically available at traditional schools as well, job placement assistance is often easier to receive for those who attend a trade school.

This is because trade schools usually have a smaller student body and can provide more personalized service to each of their students.

This allows them to take into account an individual’s unique abilities and carefully pair them with jobs that are best suited to those skills. They typically work with many local companies to help them fill positions with highly qualified new graduates.

Work Around Your Schedule

When you complete your education through a trade school, you may be able to complete the coursework on your own time.

In fact, many of them offer online classes so you can go through the course material when it’s convenient for you from anywhere with an internet connection.

This means you can get your work done at your own pace so you can take care of the other responsibilities you may have in your life, including family and a job.

This makes trade schools ideal for those who may be older and are looking to either make a career change or gain the knowledge needed to advance their career.

If you’ve made the decision to go into the field of finance and insurance in the automotive industry, it’s important to make the right choice when it comes to where to get your education.

While you can get this type of education at a more traditional school, it is often best to choose a trade school for many of the reasons listed above.

At Automotive Dealership Institute, you can get the education you need to work in the automotive industry and start on a career that offers a good quality of life and the job security you need for a solid financial future.

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