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Part II: Working with the Sales Team

Salespeople are very important to the dealership in general and the finance department in particular. Nothing happens in a dealership until a vehicle is sold. The salesperson has the first opportunity to influence the position of the customer toward the Finance office and all the F&I products.   Salespeople must have confidence in their finance […]

Part I: Working in Sync with the Sales Department

The Sales Department sells the vehicle and secures the front-end gross. The Finance Department completes the legal paperwork to deliver the vehicle and secures the backend profit. In order to maximize the total profit both departments must work together on every deal.   The two biggest problems that cause most Finance Departments to lose income […]

F&I Integration with Sales: Intro

This post is an introduction to a 2 part series.   A Finance Department cannot operate alone. To fully realize its income potential, the Finance Department must have an outstanding working relationship with every other department within the dealership. This is accomplished by fostering a professional work environment among all dealership management and support personnel. […]

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