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ADI’s F&I Training Center is your source for free basic finance manager training material to help you improve and develop your F&I skills. Be sure to check back often for new material from ADI.

In addition to these resources, take your F&I knowledge and skills to the next level by enrolling in our hands-on F&I Training program taught at our state-of-the-art campus in Scottsdale, Arizona or by completing our online training program!

F&I Managers Earn Over $100k/year!

Our 4-week F&I Training program gives you all the tools you need to become a highly paid F&I manager including job placement assistance with an over 90% job placement rate.

What is the difference between Automotive Dealership Institute and other F&I Schools?

Admittedly, other F&I online course websites (who may occasionally call themselves ‘schools’) get this question asked all the time from potential F&I students. The answer is obvious. Simply put, Automotive Dealership Institute is the most respected, trusted, and the only licensed and independent F&I school in the USA, with over 32 years hands-on training experience, […]

How To Become an F&I Manager with NO EXPERIENCE in 2022? Best training courses from the #1 Auto Finance Training Institute

The primary qualifications for becoming an Automotive F&I manager in 2022, include a high school diploma and several years of experience as an auto salesperson working in some capacity, at least, in a car dealership. Many dealerships looking for an Auto F&I Manager prefer applicants who have worked in a role like car sales associate, […]

New dealership advertising and F&I rules

Recently, FTC (Federal Trade Commission) has proposed a set of rules which will target how dealerships advertise and sell vehicles to customers. The proposal also addresses financing options, mandating how F&I products are offered, fees collected, and recommends a complex set of regulations. In essence, although this is only an initial proposal, there does not […]

Cutting-edge training for the modern day Automotive F&I Manager

While Automotive Dealer Institute (ADI) has 32+ years of experience in training the next generation of highly versatile and knowledgeable F&I Managers, the so-called Finance Manager Training schools are sorely lacking comprehensive, tactical, and proper training and education for those looking to grow their skills, building on one of the best potential careers in the […]

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