Cutting-edge training for the modern day Automotive F&I Manager

Cutting-edge training for the modern day Automotive F&I Manager

While Automotive Dealer Institute (ADI) has 32+ years of experience in training the next generation of highly versatile and knowledgeable F&I Managers, the so-called Finance Manager Training schools are sorely lacking comprehensive, tactical, and proper training and education for those looking to grow their skills, building on one of the best potential careers in the automotive industry.

These watch-on-your-own and video training “online schools” can hardly train automotive professionals. The slick ads or overly exaggerated online videos cannot replace proper hands-on training with leading industry F&I experts and trained professionals with decades of relevant experience.

These non-accredited courses provide no “on the job” training and no formal education whatsoever by recognized industry leaders in F&I training. Textbook reviews, ineffective sales tips, and old ideas don’t make a great automotive professional ready for modern day automotive industry with its vastly changing trends.

Finance manager training with job placement assistance

While discounted online course campaigns focus on getting student to sign up, professional and respected automotive dealership training courses focus on F&I compliance, regulations, and income derivatives for your future employer, i.e. the dealerships.

The truth is that just like in any other profession, training and education create success. Automotive Dealer Institute (ADI) is the most respected, trusted, and the only licensed and independent F&I school in the USA, with over 32 years hands-on training experience by industry recognized F&I experts.

After 32+ years of constant quality improvement, under the supervision of dealership General Managers who know all the ins-and-outs of F&I, unique finance manager training, courses have been designed to take the mystery out of the finance department and empower F&I students with knowledge and practical hands-on understanding of all the methods and techniques. ADI will cover compliance, F&I products, setting realistic profit expectations, motivational aspects, reinsurance as well as income retention through a comprehensive training.

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ADI under the guidance of Dean of Education and other leading industry F&I experts, developed one of the best and most respected training courses in the automotive industry. This cutting-edge training is truly modern, comprehensive, highly effective, and tactical training course for success as an automotive finance and insurance manager, internet sales manager, desk/sales manager, or dealer representative.

Once a student completes their training course at ADI, they can expect to have received the training they need to be highly knowledgeable and will receive a certificate on completion from the leading automotive dealership institute to demonstrate your knowledge to employers, customers and colleagues.

When you receive an education from the Automotive Dealership Institute, you will have the insight you need to thrive. The well rounded courses and the dedication of our instructors to their students means that our students are set up for success.

Come and see what sets the Automotive Dealership Institute apart and why our job placement capabilities can start you on path for the career of your dreams.

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If you are considering becoming an F&I Manager and work for a car dealership, Auto Dealer Institute can help. We provide Auto F&I Manager Training courses and we are the only licensed, independent F&I Training center in US. or over 32 years. Our Automotive Finance and Insurance Management training program has been teaching students the necessary skills to become a successful automotive finance and insurance manager, internet sales manager, desk/sales manager, or dealer representative.

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