Daniel C. – Staten Island, NY.

The course was very well organized and informative. The instructor was great and so knowledgeable in Finance and compliance. ADI really prepared me to be an efficient and compliant Finance and Insurance Manager. It is packed with information, it will truly prepare you to be the best F&I Manager you can be. I would recommend this school to anyone looking to take a leap in their career.

Daniel started as an F&I Manager at a busy Nissan dealership in Staten Island, NY. He is doing great with a very high PVR.

Brandon D. – Jacksonville, NC.

ADI is a great school to come and load your tool belt with everything you need to succeed. The instructor was informative. I know I have the confidence and knowledge to perform and work F&I at any dealership! Thank you ADI!

Brandon is the F&I Manager of a Nissan dealership in Jacksonville, NC.

Suhail K. – Elk Grove, CA

The course was an eye opener into the automotive finance world. I learned so much in four weeks and acquired so much knowledge. Thank you ADI for everything I learned while attending your F&I program, these are valuable skills that will stay with me for a lifetime. This truly takes you to the next level in the auto industry.

Suhail is an F&I Manager at a Honda dealership in Elk Grove, CA and he is very successful.

Farhan K. – Elk Grove, CA.

Farhan K.

One of the best decisions I have made in my life was coming to ADI! I t was worth every minute, the course was filled with so much information about the car business. This is a great school for anyone looking to have a successful and prosperous career in the car business! Anyone who wants to advance their knowledge and move up in the auto industry has to give this school a try…. worth every minute, so stop wasting time and do yourself a favor by attending this school.

Thank you!

Farhan is working as an F&I manager at an Infiniti dealership in Elk Grove, CA. He maintains a very high PVR.

Brandon R. – Atlanta, GA

The course was great, I wouldn’t change a thing! It was so informative and helped me to gain a ton of F&I knowledge! I really benefited from learning how to build deals, leasing and compliance. And, job interview practices were very helpful to prepare you for interviews…. I would definitely recommend ADI to those who wants to move up in the industry.

Thank you ADI

Brandon R.

ADI Update on 07/15/2017: Brandon started as an F&I Manager at a very busy and successful BMW store in Atlanta, GA and he is doing great!.

Stephen Hooper – West Palm Beach

I’m thoroughly impressed with all facets of this program. The pace was brisk, but all participants were given the opportunity to explore all subjects in more depth. I could not be happier with my experience and am applying all of the knowledge I learned to my role as Finance and Sales Manager at Schirra’s Auto Inc in West Palm Beach.

Stephen Hooper



David Pyle – Flagstaff, AZ

My experience with the ADI F&I Management program was the best experience I’ve ever had. The program was organized and our instructor was educated in the automotive industry, which helped when I interviewed and eventually accepted a position at Flagstaff Subaru Nissan. I would highly recommend ADI to anyone who wants to take the next step towards their career in the automotive business.

David Pyle



Charles “C.T.” Malone Jr.

This was a wonderful course. The instructors and staff go above and beyond to make sure every student understands every aspect of the class and has the very best experience possible. My only regret is that I didn’t find this school years ago. I am now an F&I Manager at AutoNation, and I feel the education that I received at ADI will be invaluable going forward in my career.

Charles “C.T.” Malone Jr.


Randy Smith – Mesa, Arizona

I came from a family that has had a long history in the car business. After a break from the industry, I found ADI and was ready to begin my career again. It was such a complete and through course…I am so very thankful! I am currently working at Buddy Combs RV in Mesa, Arizona as a Finance Manager. I can never thank the staff enough for a wonderful class!

Randy Smith


Dayarajen Vaidynatha-Chetti – New Jersey

The course went above and beyond my expectations! Everything is so organized and the staff is extremely professional and always willing to go above and beyond! Each day build off the prior and has me ready to hit the ground running at Planet Honda in New Jersey as a F&I Manager.

What an amazing experience I had at ADI!

Dayarajen Vaidynatha-Chetti