Zia H.

I have been procrastinating whether to go back to school for F&I management, I am glad I did! This class has opened up so many opportunities for me and I am looking forward to a great career!

Thanks to the professors I feel prepared and won’t forget all that I have learned from attending ADI!

I now work for Sonic Automotive here in Florida in Finance/Sales. I highly recommend this class. It’s a good investment for a great future.

Wayne B.

I am the President/ CEO of an independent dealership in Temecula California. Had I known the course was this great, I would have attended long ago.

The facility and staff are nothing short of amazing. From the moment we entered the front door and were greeted, I knew that attention to detail was key. I look forward to visiting and sharing my progress with the staff at ADI!

Damon C.

This is a very informative course that will provide a strong foundation for any individual to build a successful automotive finance career.

The course is challenging! But what you can gain from this course could very well change your life financially. After completion of this course you will be prepared to enter the automotive finance world with confidence.

I am glad that I took advantage of this opportunity as I am now a Desk Manager at an independent dealership in Hammond Louisiana.

Thank you ADI!

Tarah B.

The F&I course was excellent and has opened my job opportunities to a whole new level! I am glad to have been able to have this experience at ADI!

I had several opportunities come my way after class, and I eventually chose an Aftermarket Delivery Manager position at a Chevy Dealership in Pearland Texas. Thanks ADI!

Nav B.

It’s the mothership of F&I!  At the end of the course, I have seen students become more equipped and more knowledgeable than the majority of F&I managers I have worked with in the past three years.

The content covered is vast and covering it in just four weeks is extensive and exhausting but this is how ADI is setting high bench mark in the industry!

I am very happy working at Acura dealership in Laurel, MD and putting my training and knowledge from ADI to use as an F&I Manager.

Dillon H.

Everyone at ADI was awesome!

I really learned way more than I expected, Cheryl’s knowledge is bar to none! I couldn’t dream of a place better than ADI to learn this business!

It was truly the best, nothing else like it!

I am now working at a large Ford dealership as an F&I manager in Okarche, OK. Thank you ADI!

James W. – Wesley Chapel, FL.

This course was challenging but very rewarding! The knowledge and training I have received at ADI is the spring board that I needed to launch my career in Automotive Finance and Insurance. I now have the confidence and knowledge to be very effective in my NEW career!

Thank you ADI!

James is working as an F&I Manager at a Mercedes Benz dealership in Wesley Chapel, FL.

William P. – Lincoln, NE

The detail provided in the F&I course was excellent it made the course interesting and challenging! The instructor was an amazing teacher who taught in a way that really sticks! It’s the best school of its kind out there and I cannot thank everyone at Automotive Dealership Institute enough!

William is working as a Finance/Sales Manager at an independent store in Lincoln, NE.

Michael B. – New Jersey

Michael B.

I couldn’t have asked for a better class or staff. Having classmates that are just as engaged as you are really makes for a better learning environment. Having instructors with such in depth knowledge about the field and all of the firsthand experience also translates very well in the classroom. I would recommend this course to anyone that is even considering this field as a career and for those already in the field this school will take your career to the next level. It is life changing experience that will open more doors for your future than you ever expected.

Michael is working at Total Automotive Solutions and serving dealerships in the New Jersey area.

Jose O. – Clearwater, FL.

I had an outstanding experience at ADI, I feel that after this course I am well prepared for my career as an F&I Manager. Thanks to the amazing instructor who taught me so many aspects of Finance. I would rate this institute a twelve out of ten and I am ready to bring the knowledge I attained at ADI into the workforce.

Jose is working as an F&I Manager at a Lexus store in Clearwater, FL. He was named the youngest F&I Manager to be in the top 15 in his region!!!