Congratulations November 2014 Class

ADI Graduation Class  112114ADI’s Arzu Algan and Cheryl Piantedosi said good bye to last five graduates of the November 2014 Class. From left to right: Art Miranda, Dan Couch, Rodney Williams, Gus Arguello and Kurt Snyder with Azu and Cheryl. All of us at ADI wish good luck to our November Class, including, not pictured, Tahir Popal and Sal Meqbel.

Penske Automotive SVP Scott Moss returns to ADI

ADI welcomes back Scott Moss, Senior Vice President of Human Resources of Penske Automotive Group (PAG). For many years, Mr. Moss speaks to every graduating class of ADI about careers within Penske Automotive Group. Many of ADI graduates over the last several years were hired at PAG as Finance and Insurance Managers. PAG owns more than 350 franchised new car dealerships in UK, Japan, New Zealand, China and Australia as well as 147 luxury car dealerships in USA.

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How to Train F&I Managers Effectively

Derek Spady entered Automotive Dealership Institute’s finance and insurance program in 2011, seeking a way to move ahead in the auto industry. “I’m learning so much about the business, it’s a life changer,” said Spady. The program, which took just four weeks to complete, taught Spady the basics of dealing with customers and helping them close the deal on their new car. He says that his greatest reward is smiling and shaking their hands to congratulate them on their new car, but the path to get there took concentration and focus.

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What Makes a Good F&I Manager Great

Finance and insurance, the back end of the auto selling process, is typically where dealerships stand to gain the most out of the sale of a vehicle. Getting those margins higher depends on the people working the dealership, as human resources tend to be the most difficult aspect of managing F&I. Finding the right person to head the department is a matter of knowing what makes a good F&I manager a great one.

The job of an F&I manager is one of pleasing many people. One must comply with bank demands, compliance with the law, and interaction with the growing segment of Web staff dealerships are beginning to employ. That requires personnel who are multi-faceted, able to deal with people and technology on equal grounds….

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ADI’s July 2014 graduate Garrett Matthews

Congratulations to ADI’s July 2014 graduate Garrett Matthews as he recently took an F&I Manager position with Stevenson Chevrolet. Garrett has hit the ground running and, after a short time on the job, he is now averaging an impressive $1900 PVR! Congratulations to Garrett for the job well done.

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