Jake Y. – F&I Management Program

Jake Y. I am very impressed with the level of education received from ADI, even though I had prior 12 years of experience in the car business and thought I knew a lot. I can now say that I only knew about 15% of the whole picture. Thanks to the comprehensive program, instructors, staff, tools and materials I now have the knowledge and confidence required to be very successful. I am graduating with a greater understanding than most F&I and desk managers that have been doing it for years.

The course overall was more excellent than expected. It is a comprehensive and concentrated program that teaches the right way to do the job – you’ll be able to present benefits of the products that the customer will buy without you selling, because it’s done right, including a full understanding of deal structuring, desking, leasing and F&I presentation.

I am now working as an F&I manager at a big dealer group in AZ.

-Jake Y.


Jim P. – F&I Management Program

Jim P.

The course is excellent!

It is extremely comprehensive and very tactical in its delivery. Instructors are terrific and deliver the course material in a very understandable fashion.

A packed 4 weeks of useful real life finance content and excellent facilities!

Now, I am typing deals at a BMW store in CA and I am getting more confident every day. 


-Jim P.


Brandon M. – F&I Management Program “Incredible”

Brandon M. - Testimonial - Incredible

Incredible information!

I really feel like this is a very informative and helpful course. Instructor is also very helpful and very personable. It isn’t a course of information “spewing” but a course that moves on as everyone gets the full understanding of the topics.

It’s a true one on one experience with very personable instructor.

I am very happy working at a Subaru dealership in AZ.

 Thanks ADI!

 -Brandon M.