Entries by Eduardo Fernandez

Daniel C. – Staten Island, NY.

The course was very well organized and informative. The instructor was great and so knowledgeable in Finance and compliance. ADI really prepared me to be an efficient and compliant Finance and Insurance Manager. It is packed with information, it will truly prepare you to be the best F&I Manager you can be. I would recommend […]

Brandon D. – Jacksonville, NC.

ADI is a great school to come and load your tool belt with everything you need to succeed. The instructor was informative. I know I have the confidence and knowledge to perform and work F&I at any dealership! Thank you ADI! Brandon is the F&I Manager of a Nissan dealership in Jacksonville, NC.

Suhail K. – Elk Grove, CA

The course was an eye opener into the automotive finance world. I learned so much in four weeks and acquired so much knowledge. Thank you ADI for everything I learned while attending your F&I program, these are valuable skills that will stay with me for a lifetime. This truly takes you to the next level […]

Farhan K. – Elk Grove, CA.

Farhan K. One of the best decisions I have made in my life was coming to ADI! I t was worth every minute, the course was filled with so much information about the car business. This is a great school for anyone looking to have a successful and prosperous career in the car business! Anyone […]

Brandon R. – Atlanta, GA

The course was great, I wouldn’t change a thing! It was so informative and helped me to gain a ton of F&I knowledge! I really benefited from learning how to build deals, leasing and compliance. And, job interview practices were very helpful to prepare you for interviews…. I would definitely recommend ADI to those who […]