AFIP Certification as a Supplement to F&I Training at ADI

AFIP Certification is a specific credential that may help you to raise your appeal as an employee as you begin your career as an F&I manager. Many people entering the F&I training program at Automotive Dealership Institute inquire about this credential and how it can impact their careers. Below is some basic information about AFIP Certification and how it can help you.

What Is AFIP Certification?

AFIP Certification is a specific certification issued by the Association of Finance and Insurance Professionals. The purpose of this certification is to show that the individual has completed an appropriate training program and that he or she has the skills and knowledge necessary to work both ethically and efficiently as a F&I professional.

In order to qualify for this certification, you must complete specific courses developed by the Association of Finance and Insurance Professionals. These courses cover a variety of topics, but most courses cover issues related to ethics and law as they apply to finance and insurance. Several different levels of courses are provided, and you will progress through these courses to reach the levels of “Master” and “Senior.”

How Does AFIP Certification Relate to F&I Training?

AFIP certification is not the same as F&I training, but can be used to supplement a well rounded hands-on F&I training program. The focus of AFIP courses is specifically on law and ethics, while ADI’s F&I training program covers all aspects of the F&I management job, from interpreting credit scores to selling supplemental products. Thus, people who are completing or have completed F&I training with ADI may benefit from obtaining AFIP certification as well. However, this certification is not a substitute for training in a licensed F&I program.

Benefits of AFIP Certification

AFIP certification offers specific benefits for F&I professionals. Some of these benefits may include:

  • Advantage over others in the field – Extra study completed in order to gain AFIP certification gives F&I professionals an advantage over other people in the field.
  • More effective in dealing with customers – AFIP courses teach F&I professionals how to be more professional with customers and to build rapport more effectively.
  • Better understanding of legal requirements – F&I professionals who complete an AFIP certification have a better understanding of laws related to the finance and insurance industry, as well as ethical standards.
  • Advanced skills – In order to become certified by the AFIP, a professional must develop the skills needed to sell F&I products effectively and with confidence.
  • More appeal to employers – When an F&I manager has an AFIP certification, employers can be more confident in the individual’s ability to follow laws and adhere to legal requirements, thus reducing the risk of compliance issues and customer complaints.

Obtaining AFIP Certification

In order to obtain AFIP certification, you will have to complete a specific course. Several different course options are available directly from the AFIP, including a Basic Certification Course, Master Certification Course, Senior Certification Course and Executive Lifetime Master Certification Course. Each of these courses will require payment, which can sometimes be covered by your employer depending whether they require the certification. You will also need to pass examinations before you obtain certification. Keep in mind that you must follow the step-by-step instructions established by the AFIP in order to become certified.

The Importance of F&I Training

A career as an F&I manager gives you an opportunity to work in a growing field, earn a handsome salary and make customers’ dreams of owning a vehicle come true. When you work in this field, you will be responsible for performing a variety of important functions. Specifically, you will help consumers obtain financing to purchase the vehicle they have chosen, insure their new vehicle and complete all the necessary paperwork. You will also be responsible for promoting and selling some of the dealership’s most lucrative products. Because you have so many important responsibilities as an F&I manager, you will need an expansive knowledge basis and an array of skills in order to succeed in this field.

Although AFIP certification offers clear benefits for people interested in a career as an F&I professional, it cannot replace the value of a well rounded, hands-on F&I training program. These programs cover a range of topics that aren’t included in AFIP certification courses, making them essential for future F&I managers. Before you enter the field and begin looking for a job, you need to complete an appropriate comprehensive training program such as the one offered at ADI.

At ADI, we offer a finance and insurance program that has been carefully developed to cover all subjects you need to understand in order to work as an F&I manager, including dealership operations, deal structuring, lender relations, the latest F&I software and much more. Our courses also cover state and federal laws so students can be fully prepared to enter the field and begin working.

Automotive Dealership Institute’s entire F&I training program can be completed in just four weeks. We also offer job placement assistance for graduates in all 50 states. In fact, we are able to help over 90 percent of our graduates find a suitable F&I management position within 90 days of graduating from our program. Please contact ADI today to learn more about our program or to begin the enrollment process.