Finance Manager Training (F&I Manager)

ADI Finance Manager Training, the only licensed, independent F&I school in the USA

ADI Finance Manager Training program has been teaching students the necessary skills to become a successful automotive finance and insurance manager (F&I Manager) for more than 32 years.

Proudly, as the ONLY Department of Education Approved and independent Automotive Finance and Insurance Management training course in USA, we are delighted to say that we have a 90% or better audited and verifiable job placement (through networking, decades of working relationship with dealerships nationwide and strong and continued support), unmatched by any other organization.

Now you probably know that there are few so-called online schools popped up on the internet within the last couple of years, they are only interested to take a few hundred dollars of your money and have you watch some cheaply put together videos of F&I product sales the internet. Product sales is less than 10 percent of ADI’s F&I Management Course.

When a student enrolls in ADI’s F&I Management Program, classroom, virtual or Online Classes are only the first step in our relationship with that student. The hard part comes after graduation.

We prepare him/her for a smooth flawless interview for F&I Position, we also prepare a professional resume especially designed for dealership finance manager position and help set up job interviews immediately upon graduation and continue this service until he/she starts as a finance manager at a franchised new car dealership at his/her city and state.

This service continued for a lifetime. We still have our graduates from 1980s and 90s calling us to update their resumes or start a new job search.

Those other so called Finance Manager Training Schools’ attitudes are more like a: “watch these videos, go home and study, pay, and get your computer printed certificate or some kind a plaque bought from a trophy store”.

They are often referred to in the industry as, “pay-print-go” online courses. Pay, get a Printed-certificate, and Go.

We on the other hand, have to protect a 32 year reputation for being the BEST IN THE INDUSTRY, the leading training institute in the Automotive Dealership F&I in all of USA.

Our Chancellor, Dr. Robert Serum, who was the vice president and professor at Northwood University prior to his retirement in 2007. Northwood University is the only degree granting college in Automotive Management in the USA and the world. Dr. Serum helped develop Northwood’s Automotive Programs and International Programs until his retirement. ADI has always relied on his guidance and high standards as it does today.

ADI Finance Manager Training program delivers practical, current and up-to-date knowledge, and proven hands-on skills for students to use on the job immediately after graduation. Although there are a wide variety of Automotive training courses and career options available, we only focus on Automotive Finance and Insurance Management training, or often referred to as Finance Manager Training course.

Most of our past student, when interviewed, stated that these are the main reasons they selected ADI Finance Manager Training program:


  •     ADI offers a unique course with strong job market and career growth
  •     ADI offers a program with the best investment value compared to others
  •     ADI school offers hands-on knowledge and leading industry teachers
  •     ADI school offers more direct training and better classroom engagement
  •     ADI school has some of the best industry-leading instructors with automotive management experience and teaching credentials.
  •     ADI school offers individualized attention from these experienced instructors
  •     ADI school offers highest quality, lower overall cost and better investment value
  •     ADI school offers classes with flexible schedules throughout the year
  •     ADI school is the ONLY licensed independent and Department of Education Approved F&I School in USA for over 30 years
  •     ADI school genuinely offers job placement networking and support, over 90 percent audited verified Job placement as F&I Manager.
  •     ADI finance manager training offers multiple start dates for their programs
  •     ADI reputation in industry provides easier path to successful careers
  •     ADI finance manager training courses come with flexible student loan options

ADI school provides hands-on knowledge and practical experience

While other finance manager training courses focus more on showing you some online product sale videos , ADI Finance Manager Training course focuses on direct, hands-on, practical training and even the online courses are filled with insightful knowledge and training that every automotive dealership employer in U.S. would expect. ADI also trains students on DMS system (Dealership Management System) computer software used in all new car dealerships across United States. No other school evet offered or can offer this software training. This closely guarded dealership only software is served from our in-house server. We have a huge sample new and used car inventory with vehicle information including factory invoices and serial numbers, sample customer database to pull credit reports, products and underwriting lender guidelines all programmed for classroom use and print finance and lease contracts, DMV Paperwork and other supporting documents for sale of a car.

This type of deep understanding of the entire role of F&I Manager as offered by ADI, gives our students an advantage at the time of job interview. Being highly knowledgeable is why our graduates achieve a 90% job placement as compared to candidates who completed an online course by a one-man business who offers primarily some sales videos and charts as training for F&I.


Our graduates also use their knowledge and insightful training to demand higher salaries, justified by their understanding without needing additional on the job training.

With regards to hands-on knowledge and training, ADI finance manager training offers a stronger balance between background knowledge, practical application, day-to-day tasks, and hands-on training.

As a result of this deep insightful training, you’re much more likely to be better prepared for the day-to-day tasks of F&I manager than someone whose training has emphasized some short F&I Sales videos, offered by a “pay-print-go” business.

ADI F&I Manager course offers direct training

ADI finance manager training focuses solely on the training you need for your job as an F&I Manager. You learn the practical skills, the well-rounded knowledge, day-to-day use and application, real industry scenarios, and excellent detailed information from your instructors. Everything you need in your day-to-day career as an auto finance manager.

With other general courses offered through some online low-cost quick course, you don’t really get any skills to get an F&I job. The real problem with these courses is that you are expected to “pay-print-go” and get a printed certificate and have little to show for it and at the time of your job interview, you are less able to shine like a star for your prospective employer. It has been said many times, that some of these courses are quite silly and offer little direct training and practical knowledge as applied in the day-to-day role of a M&I Manager.

ADI is known for its individualized attention from highly experienced instructors

At ADI finance manager training classes, you will learn from experienced F&I practitioners and auto finance instructors with teaching credentials who serve as mentors and trainers, allowing each student direct supervision and guidance. This is invaluable when it comes to your job interview and even more when you start your new career with your new employer.

ADI class sizes allow for much better teacher-to-student ratio as compared to other schools, and your instructors are industry professionals, prepared not only to train you in specific techniques and skills but guide you to overall success in your field with follow-on job placement networking and support. ADI instructors are active members of the Automotive F&I Management industry, and hence they are well-placed to provide job placement networking and opportunities.

ADI finance manager training offers a lower cost and a better investment value

Training to become an F&I Finance Manager is about devoting both time and money towards your personal growth and building your new career. Students who attend ADI finance manager training course benefit from higher employment levels, increased wages, and increased job satisfaction rates.

As we all know, students often go into some amount of debt when they invest in their further education and/or job training. However, graduating from ADI finance manager training course is far more cost-effective compared to other similar F&I training options.

ADI offers various programs for financial aid and student loans as well as military financial aid for Post 9/11 Veterans. As a result, you can start your career with far less debt and enjoy the profits of your higher income potential much sooner. Contact one of our representatives, and we’ll be happy to discuss all the different options that are available to you.


If you are looking for the best finance manager training in U.S. with specialized training and job placement support, ADI finance manager training is the only option worth exploring. Flexible scheduling throughout the year, incredible leading-industry instructors, individualized training, job placement support, and financing options make ADI finance manager (F&I Manager) training more affordable and manageable than ever.