Latest and Greatest

The Automotive Dealership Institute relies on cutting edge technology to enhance its classroom experience and facilitate higher learning. In each of our classrooms, you will find top-of-the-line touch screen all-in-one F&I computers custom built and configured to efficiently and effectively aid in student learning.  Our three in-house servers deliver all recent F&I Programs directly to classroom workstations.

A custom configured Advent Server hosts the latest F&I/DMS software and training tools complete with new and used car inventory, customer credit applications and credit reports, just like in a professional automotive dealership.

Each classroom has large AMT Accel dealership printers dedicated to form printing from the various DMS database applications.

In front of each classroom, an eight-foot screen is ready to be summoned from the ceiling at a button’s press. This screen is projected onto by an advanced 3400 lumen LCD projector making instructor-student interaction easier and simpler.